New Meraki MR32 and MR72

Last Tuesday, we released two dual-band, 2×2 802.11ac wireless access points: the MR32 and the MR72. Equipped with the speed of 802.11ac, these APs also feature integrated Beacon (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology to enhance location capabilities and enable more active customer engagement, such as with iBeacons.

The MR32 and MR72 include the rich, cloud-managed feature set common to the entire Meraki wireless portfolio, and feature the dedicated security radio technology found in other Meraki APs. In addition, the MR72 is designed to withstand extreme temperature ranges, from -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C), and earned an IP67 rating due to its high degree of resistance to dust and water.

Intrigued? If you missed our introductory webinar, you can view this recording on our YouTube channel at any time.

Below are the answers to several of the most commonly asked questions during last week’s launch webinar. Take a look and see if any of your own made the list:

Q: Are the new APs compatible with a/b/g on the 2.4GHz?

A: They are compatible with b/g/n on the 2.4GHz radio (802.11a is a 5GHz-only standard).

Q: So the customer has to type that enormous Bluetooth UUID into the app?

A: The UUID is something broadcast in the BLE Beacon and is identified by an app on the mobile device – the user does not have to enter this. This UUID and two other components called the Major and Minor are used to trigger functionality in an app.

Q: Does the MR32 support UNII-2/E in the USA?

A: Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) support in the US will be available as a firmware upgrade.

Q: What’s the difference between the MR32 and the MR34?

A: The MR32 is 2×2:2, with a 1.2 Gbps radio rate while the MR34 is 3×3:3, with a 1.75 Gbps radio rate. MR32 also has the new BLE radio.

Q: Can you locate Bluetooth clients on a map?

A: Today this is not possible but may be possible in the future.

Q: MR32 is certified in France?

A: The MR32 is certified for use in Europe, including France.

Q: If the Meraki Systems Manager profile is installed on a mobile device (e.g. iPhone or iPad), does it have the ability to interact with the Beacon service, or do you need to run a dedicated app that is designed to support the Beacon?

A: The Beacon would typically be used by a dedicated mobile app. For example, a BurgerJoint Beacon would be detected by a BurgerJoint mobile app.

Q: Are the new APs wave 1?

A: Yes, these are 802.11ac wave 1 APs.

Q: Will there be an upgrade to wave 2?

A: Wave 2 is still a ways out and there is currently no upgrade path set.

Q: So there are no antennas on the MR32?

A: The MR32 has all internal antennas. The MR72 uses external antennas.

Q: Has the MR72 been tested in Alaska?

A: It has been tested and can withstand harsh conditions to -40°C.

Q: Where can I set EU-specific settings?

A: When creating an Organization, you will be able to choose the EMEAR region.

Q: Can I high-five the Meraki team for their awesome products and solution?

A: *high-five!*

The MR32 is available now and the MR72 (and four new exterior antennas) will be available January 2015. Check out our website for more details!