Service Providers

Provide a superior service at a fraction of the cost and time

Be the First to Market and Serve Up the Finest

  • Be the first to market with new and innovative services

      Eliminate the cost and time for dedicated network monitoring hardware or a data center build-out with the Meraki dashboard
      Rapidly formulate a Cisco Meraki powered service comprising of as little as two SKUs

      Accelerate proof-of-concept testing and minimize sales and NOC training requirements with an intuitive cloud management GUI
      Maximize margins by creating additional revenue-generating services using the same Meraki hardware, e.g. deploy public WiFi hotspot and managed business WiFi using the same APs to consolidate on hardware costs
  • Impress customers with a fully operational service days after placing an order

      Expedite fully operational service lead times for multi-site customers. Cisco Meraki devices can be shipped directly to customer sites from a warehouse with no pre-staging required. Once on-site, Meraki plug-and-play devices can be online in minutes.

      Slash the cost of deploying on-site hardware to support a managed service. Cisco Meraki devices are 100% cloud managed and require zero on-site network configuration so there is no need for skilled IT personnel at customer sites. Only physical installation is required that can be completed by a lower cost technician or even self installed by the customer.
  • Resolve customer support cases in
    real-time, remotely

      Optimize fault discovery and corrective actions. The Meraki dashboard has advanced remote troubleshooting tools built in such as packet capture and cable testing to radically minimize the frequency of engineer site call outs. Most customer support cases can subsequently be diagnosed and solved over-the-phone.
      Drastically lower operational costs with configuration templates. Multiple Meraki devices can be linked to one shared configuration to dramatically reduce management overhead when deploying or modifying customer sites that should all be configured with the same policies. In this way thousands of customer configurations can be updated instantaneously without any need for staff to be sent on-site.

      Zero cost firmware updates. Firmware updates for Cisco Meraki devices are seamless with over-the-web updates. Schedule firmware updates for customer networks using the dashboard to remove all the cost and complexity typically attributed to them.
      Reduce the workload on your support staff. Set up automated alerts for high priority ports to proactively maintain customer networks and reduce erratic support loads
    • 24X7 SUPPORT
      Save time and resource resolving advanced support cases. Escalate complex support cases to Meraki support 24x7

Delighted Customers

Offer your customers a superior experience and service

Provide customers with a fresh insight into their network and business with a simple monitor-only view of the dashboard

Brand the Meraki dashboard with your own logo to achieve a look and feel for your Meraki powered service that’s consistent with your branding

Don't Keep Them Waiting

Get customers live with their service in a matter of days after placing an order with zero-touch provisioning

Real Time Support

Delight customers by resolving the majority of support cases over-the-phone in minutes with powerful remote live tools such as packet capture and cable testing

Exceed Expectations

Offer customers proactive fault monitoring with automated alerts to detect and resolve a potential issue even before a customer has noticed it

Single Sign-On

Make the switch for existing customers invisible with SAML single sign-on (SSO) allowing customers to log on to the dashboard with their existing credentials

Simple Self Service

Optionally allow customers access to basic wireless settings such as SSID name, encryption, splash page etc. for easy self service

Seamless Integration

Integrate your tech support contact info into the dashboard to remain the primary point of contact for your customers

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