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Join the Cloud Networking Revolution with Cisco Meraki

Cloud networking brings the scalability, manageability, and efficiency gains of the cloud to enterprise networks, and thousands of organizations are moving to this exciting new architecture.

Cisco Meraki is the recognized leader in cloud networking.

Current Cisco partners are encouraged to apply to join the Meraki Elevate program and benefit from the ability to sell cloud networking.

Benefits of Selling Cisco Meraki

Fast and Easy to Sell

Cisco Meraki cloud networking products are dramatically easier to pitch and sell. The value proposition is clear to customers, and the product is easy for anyone on your team to demo. Imagine completing a trial, quoting only 2 SKUs, and closing the deal all in a day. That’s the sales cycle for a typical Cisco Meraki deployment.

High Velocity Lead Generation

We invest heavily in lead generation campaigns. Working through both novel and traditional marketing channels, Cisco Meraki generates thousands of leads each month and provides industry-leading marketing tools to our partners.

Responsive and Friendly Support

Cisco Meraki’s responsive and proficient sales team is dedicated to helping you close deals in any way you require, including joint calls, demos, and technical deep-dives.

Ready for Managed Services

Partners have the opportunity to deliver Cisco Meraki cloud-managed networking as a service without the infrastructure buildout required by traditional solutions. Learn more about the benefits of becoming an MSP with Cisco Meraki by exploring the MSP Trail Map.

Partner Training Opportunities

Technical Training Webinar Series

Cisco Meraki offers technical webinars to the Partners along with a library of past recordings to provide up-to-date and in-depth information for SEs to get familiar with the entire range of Meraki products.

More information and registration: Meraki authorized partners can register or view past trainings at under Training.


Meraki360 is a half-day, remote training created to introduce Meraki cloud management to partners. This program is delivered exclusively by authorized Meraki distributors that have been enabled to provide this training.

More information and registration: Participating distributors lead sessions regularly. Reach out to your preferred distributor for more information.

Certified Meraki Networking Associate (CMNA)

CMNA is an architecture-focused one-day, hands-on lab certification class for pre-sales engineers from Meraki’s authorized partners. The training and certification aims to provide foundational knowledge for partners to allow them to develop competence with Meraki products and positioning. Attendees who successfully complete the training will receive the CMNA certification.

More information and registration: Eligibility requirements apply. Find out more at
Eligible Meraki authorized partners can view the upcoming schedule and register at under Training > CMNA

CMNA Refresh

CMNA Refresh is a webinar that updates CMNA-certified individuals on new products, features, and positioning. Partners who have achieved the certification will become eligible two and a half years after their certification date.

More information and registration: Eligible CMNA-certified partners can register at under Training > CMNA

Meraki Masters

Meraki Masters is an exclusive in-depth lab training and demo certification program held at Meraki HQ. Masters receive the CMNP certification and access to ongoing engagement opportunities and special access to other special events and programs.

More information and registration: Meraki Masters is an invite-only program. Reach out to your Meraki rep for more information.

  • VoWLAN

    • Vocera

      The Vocera Communications System, working over a standard 802.11 network, enables instant, wireless, voice communication through wearable Vocera Communications Badges that users control with spoken commands. The system is deployed in a variety of hospitals, hotels, retail stores, and other in-building environments where mobile workers need to stay in contact to perform their jobs. Together, the Vocera Communications Badge and the Vocera System Software, which includes administration, call management, speech recognition, and database functionality, enable users to immediately speak with the resources they need.

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  • Retail Analytics

    • Euclid

      Euclid is the leader in shopper analytics for brick-and-mortar retailers – think Google Analytics for offline retail. Euclid's real-world insights help retailers optimize the performance of their marketing, merchandising, and operations. With simple setup and an easy-to-use web dashboard, national chains and local boutiques alike can boost traffic, engagement, loyalty, and revenue. Euclid is redefining retail decision-making, from the stockroom to the boardroom.

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    • Nomi

      Nomi provides the world's first omni-channel marketing and engagement platform that helps retailers gain a 360 degree view of their customers across in-store, mobile and online touchpoints. As retailers shift from product-centric to customer-centric marketing strategies, Nomi is at the forefront by helping retailers connect the dots between physical stores, e-commerce, loyalty and CRM initiatives and better engage their best customers in real time across all channels.

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    • Retailnext

      RetailNext is the market leader in Big Data solutions for brick-and-mortar challenges. Its patented technology delivers comprehensive, real-time analytics that empowers worldwide retailers, shopping centers, and manufacturers to collect, analyze, and visualize in-store data. Using best-in-class video analytics, Wi-Fi detection, Bluetooth, and data from point-of-sale systems and other sources, the technology instantly informs retailers about how shoppers engage with their stores. The highly scalable RetailNext platform easily integrates with promotional calendars, staffing systems, and even weather services to calculate how internal and external factors impact customer shopping patterns. With the platform’s sophisticated yet intuitive tools, retailers can identify opportunities for growth, implement change, and evaluate success.

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    • Swarm

      Swarm provides shopper marketing and intelligence for retail stores. Swarm's suite of products enable retailers to track and predict shopper actions and behaviors, analyze store performance, and enable instant CRM decisioning through an industry-leading shopper profile database. Swarm products are in use by large chains and individual retailers alike, proven to drive revenue and ROI.

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    • Turnstyle

      Turnstyle is a complete Customer Relationship Analytics, Engagement and Marketing platform. Turnstyle helps retailers and brands learn actionable insights about on-premis customer behavior. Turnstyle’s location-based marketing platform enables businesses to send real-time messages, coupons and rewards directly to shoppers’ phones without the need for a mobile application, increasing customer conversion and basket-size.

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    • Euclid

      Walkbase provides real-time retail analytics solutions. We help marketers to understand the impact of their online, offline and in-store campaigns on new and repeat visitor foot traffic and dwell time in stores. Store management uses it to understand customer behavior, movement around a store and the impact of layout and shift changes. Via our real-time mobile API we also enable innovative customer recognition experiences and personalized marketing opportunities.

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    • Zenreach

      Since 2012, Zenreach has helped real world businesses automate email collection, run segmented marketing campaigns, and provide real insight into whether customers return after receiving a message. Using the power of WiFi, Zenreach builds a "smart" CRM that captures 5x the number of emails and automatically sends triggered emails to customers based on visit frequency and demographics. In addition to email marketing on autopilot, Zenreach's walk-through rate™ measures true email effectiveness, showing businesses how many customers return as a result of receiving a message.

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    • Boldstreet

      BOLDstreet Wireless is a software and managed services company focused on retail chains and multi-brand locations in North America, including restaurants, hard and soft goods retailers, malls and airports. BOLDstreet WalkBuys™ leverage wireless networks to make BOLDstreet customers’ business bringing them closer to THEIR best customers.

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    • Medio

      The Medio Platform is an end-to-end suite that enables businesses to optimize the lifetime Value (LTV) of their mobile users. Medio's fully integrated, cloud-based platform allows you to acquire higher quality mobile customers, grow engagement and increase overall monetization. Medio combines advanced customer data collection capabilities and mature predictive models along with actionable tools to provide deeper understanding of mobile customer behaviors, create more precise customer segmentation and deliver highly targeted, personalized experiences.

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    • Solomo

      SOLOMO Exchange™ enables companies to engage with customers and employees through Social, Location and Mobility features with our Geo™ and Identity™ web services. Indoor location technology, combined with end user privacy controls and identity connectivity, creates a powerful new combination of services for connecting businesses with their customers.

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    • Ivizone

      Ivizone offers social customer profiling, and enhanced presence analytics to all physical locations. Our plug and play system provides a web-based and tablet accessible dashboard, allowing you to understand your customers through their social media profiles. Engage customers online or in-store through hyper-targeted marketing campaigns via web, mobile, or social media. Marketing teams, store managers, and retail salespersons can increase revenue by driving new traffic, and improving brand image. Ivizone provides all physical locations with a powerful new digital marketing asset.

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    • WiForia

      WiForia’s cloud based platform uses Wi-Fi to identify a customer’s location to enhance their in-store experience, resulting in more sales, enhanced loyalty and ROI. By identifying registered users every time they enter or leave a store, WiForia can push offers, promote content and drive social sharing in personalised and contextually relevant ways.

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  • Real-Time Location Services (RTLS)

    • Ekahau

      Ekahau Inc. is the industry leader in providing WiFi-based RTLS solutions. Ekahau’s customers, including several Fortune 500 companies worldwide, are realizing the benefits of WiFi based location services and innovative WiFi network planning and optimization tools. Ekahau’s solutions are being used in more than 300 hospitals around the world, as well as by manufacturing, retail and industrial companies, government agencies and the military. Ekahau partners include wireless software developers, leading system integrators and international OEM partners, who develop and market wireless enterprise applications. Ekahau is a U.S.-based corporation, with headquarters in Reston, Va., and other offices in Saratoga, California; Helsinki, Finland; Tokyo, Japan; and Hong Kong, China.

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  • WiFi Site Survey and Planning Tools

    • AirMagnet

      AirMagnet is the leader in security, performance and compliance solutions for wireless LANs. The company’s innovative products include AirMagnet Enterprise, the leading 24x7 WLAN security and performance management solution, and AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer "which is known as the de-facto tool for wireless LAN troubleshooting and analysis." Other products provide WLAN site survey and design, RF interference detection, remote diagnostics, and the world's first voice over WiFi analysis solution.

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  • Network Management Systems

    • Solarwinds

      SolarWinds provides powerful and affordable IT management software to more than 93,000 customers worldwide - from Fortune 500 enterprises to small businesses. Focused on the real-world needs of IT professionals, SolarWinds products are downloadable, easy to use and maintain, and provide the power, scale, and flexibility needed to manage today's complex IT environments.

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  • Payment Systems (AAA/PMS)

    • Solarwinds

      Alepo is a leading provider of enabling infrastructure for telecommunications service providers. Alepo provides IT systems and IT consulting services for telecommunication companies, enabling them to compete efficiently and realize next generation services’ opportunities.

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    • Aptilo

      Aptilo Networks is the global leader in pre-integrated service management and policy control solutions for service providers needing a rapidly deployable, scalable multiservice solution to easily provision, deliver and manage broadband data services over 3G/LTE, WiMAX™, Wi-Fi and fixed broadband networks. Aptilo's service management platform controls billing, user services and access in these networks, which are currently deployed in more than 50 countries.

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    • Nomadix

      Nomadix is a wholly owned subsidiary of DOCOMO interTouch, and with over 50,000 deployments worldwide, is a global leader in providing solutions to the public Internet access market. Nomadix provides a range of Internet access gateways and Layer 7 content management products to Public Access Service Operators (PASOs), Service providers, System Integrators and venue owners who are deploying public internet access networks, visitor based networks and metropolitan WIFi Hot Zones.

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  • Single Sign-On

    • Onelogin

      OneLogin comes pre-integrated with Meraki, making it easy to connect your internal Active Directory or LDAP server to the Meraki dashboard, and enjoy single sign-on (SSO) across desktops, laptops and iPads, as well as enforce multi-factor authentication. OneLogin’s zero-config Active Director Connector for Meraki allows you to grant and revoke Meraki dashboard access in real time based on your directory groups. No firewall changes are required. OneLogin provides the fastest path to identity management in the cloud.

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  • Captive Portal Platforms

    • Splash Access

      Splash Access allows you to automatically provision a custom splash page solution that integrates into the Meraki cloud instantly. Splash Access also collects data (name, email addresses etc.) and integrates into an API such as Mailchimp, icontact or a CSV file. Once collected, you can then create, manage and implement targeted campaigns to wireless visitors. Splash Access is ideally suited for hotels, retail outlets, shopping Centres, outdoor wireless events, exhibitions, concerts and any other visitor based WI-Fi hotspots. Ormit Solutions Ltd is an Information Technology Company based in the UK.

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    • Cloud4Wi

      Cloud4Wi is the world’s first open Wi-Fi engagement platform that enhances Guest Wi-Fi access at venues including retail stores, restaurants and coffee shops among other places. Utilizing a cloud platform and matching web applications, businesses are able to provide an enriched Guest Wi-Fi experience, engage with customers in real time and increase customer loyalty and retention. Leveraging powerful analytics, businesses can also design a fully customizable user journey to push marketing and advertising messages. Powered by the comprehensive SDK, Cloud4Wi enables businesses to build their own web applications to optimize their operations and provide customers with a seamless digital experience while they are on site.

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    • Purplewifi

      Purple WiFi is fully integrated into the Meraki Cloud platform and is able offer Social WiFi, Reporting and Analytics, turning the guest access into an easy process whilst gathering invaluable customer insights. A cloud-based solution built on the Amazon EC2 platform, it is scalable, robust and easy to use.

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    • Cloudessa

      GlobalReach Technology is the leading supplier of Wi-Fi and AAA solutions. Our scalable captive portal, cloud-RADIUS / AAA platform, GlobalReach Odyssys, is used by service providers to connect, manage and analyse multiple, complex consumer, SMB and large enterprise wireless services from a single, cloud-hosted platform. Including RADIUS / AAA, custom captive portal, Passpoint Hotspot 2.0 OSU, real-time reporting and a full data API, only Odyssys supports the largest number of wireless operating systems and devices, and provides secure connection and roaming using the industry’s top standards. Millions of users using hundreds of devices and networks, are securely connected to over 600 million sessions every year, through our technology. San Francisco, San Jose and the London Underground use GlobalReach.

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    • Wavespot

      Wavespot is a marketing engine built into WiFi. With multiple social media integrations and full event based marketing automation, Wavespot provides real time engagement with customers on premise and even after they leave. Wavespot’s social WiFi cloud solution promotes intelligent coupons and offers to in-store customers that drive shares and build additional foot traffic from C2C marketing. Complemented with a full suite of analytics and management tools and a scalable infrastructure, Wavespot instantly converts a WiFi network into a loyalty solution in the cloud.

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    • Socifi

      SOCIFI is proud to introduce its free public 3G/4G & WiFi monetization, promotion and advertising platform. Improve customer engagement, understand your customers better and promote your brand. The SOCIFI platform allows you to monetize free public WiFi networks through promotion and advertising, and today we would like to tell you how it works. Whether you are a Network Service Provider, advertiser or visitor connecting to a public WiFi network, our solution is a win-win-win. Network Service Providers benefit by monetizing their free public WiFi. Advertisers gain access to a unique and highly effective ad format for their campaigns. And visitors get streamlined access to a greater number of free WiFi networks.

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  • Troubleshooting Tools

    • CloudShark

      CloudShark is the world's first packet capture management and web based analysis platform, allowing network engineers, IT departments, and customer service teams the ability to securely share, manage, annotate, and analyze packet capture files from anywhere, on any device. CloudShark's customer base ranges from IT for major retail chains to government agencies and SaaS providers — anyone who deals with packet captures or Wireshark on a daily basis can benefit from CloudShark.

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