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Analytics, hardware, and more: see what’s new in the world of MV.
MV22 and MV72 join the Meraki MV lineup

Analytics, hardware, and more: see what’s new in the world of MV

Two varifocal models—one rated for the outdoors and other rugged environments—make the choice to switch to MV even easier. From school hallways to grocery stores and everything in between, there’s now an MV for every deployment. The best part? The entire MV line now features industry-leading processors for advanced onboard analytics.


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Every great space mission starts with a powerful spaceship, just as every great network starts with a powerful access point.

Embark on this exciting journey with our latest Meraki promotion! From now until April 27, 2019, any combination of 3 Cisco Meraki MR33 and MR20 access points can be purchased for the price of 2 with 1 great discount*!

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