One of our most popular tools is our online Knowledge Base. Filled to the brim with articles written by the network engineers of our very own Support team, you can find guides to Cisco Meraki products and helpful troubleshooting techniques for common user issues. Here is a list of some of the most useful Knowledge Base articles to date:


1. Troubleshooting Client VPN

While Cisco Meraki makes configuring a VPN connection in Dashboard easy, getting everything to run smoothly on the client side can be a bit tricky at times. Not to fear! ‘Client VPN connection’ happens to be the most commonly searched term in the Cisco Meraki Knowledge Base. Follow the above link to read through common troubleshooting methods and stabilize your connection in no time.

We offer solutions for common user tangles, like in this case, where the shared secret simply needs to be configured on the client machine


2. Installing the Meraki SM Management Profile Using Apple Configurator

Yearning to manage all of your organization’s iOS devices in Systems Manager, yet hesitant to enroll each device one at a time? Using Apple Configurator, a free utility available in the Mac App Store, Systems Manager allows administrators to mass enroll devices while they are physically synced via USB to a Mac computer. This page offers a detailed explanation and visual walk through of this efficient mass enrollment process. Our whitepaper on ‘Deploying Apply iOS in Education’ is also a great complement to this article, we highly recommend it!

Pointing out important steps while using Apple Configurator

3. Layer 3 versus Layer 2 Switch for VLANs

Coming in at number three, this useful article delineates the difference between Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches. It offers recommendations for when each should be used, and many customers appreciate the user-friendly overview of this networking concept.

An example of a Layer 3 switch routing between VLANs through its two VLAN interfaces


4. Small Remote or Home Office VPN options

Our products offer VPN solutions for many different environments, including small office and/or remote deployments. This page provides a brief overview and configuration guide to single client VPN, wireless client VPN, and wired/wireless client VPN. No matter where you are or how big your office may be, this article will ensure that you find the most fitting VPN option for you.


5. Allowing Connections to the Cisco Meraki Cloud

A customer favorite, this page reveals exactly which ports and IP addresses must be allowed through upstream connections in order for Cisco Meraki devices to function as they should. It’s all here! We even explain the purpose for individual ports, providing a transparent guide to help make the most of your Cisco Meraki experience.


6. Deploying an Enterprise iOS App to Managed iOS Devices

Systems Manager allows administrators to push in-house apps out to managed iOS clients. In this post, we delve into the two methods of Enterprise iOS app deployment, list the necessary requirements for apps to be deployed through Systems Manager, and provide some helpful troubleshooting tips along the way.

An easy and useful way to deploy important applications to your devices


7. How to Use Systems Manager to Remotely Install Software on Managed Clients

Last in our countdown, but certainly not least, is a how-to guide for installing software on managed clients in Systems Manager. Rather than going to each individual client in your network and performing a local installation, you can deploy software straight from the cloud to your devices.

Our Knowledge Base is frequently updated with new content, so be sure to check back to see what crops up! Users can also easily search for  information at any time by utilizing the site’s built-in search engine. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Feel free to submit a request for Knowledge Base articles you would like to see by “Making a Wish” in Dashboard.