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Make a Wish…

Every Meraki dashboard page has a small box where customers can wish for product improvements or functionality; here’s a sneak peek into how wishes are granted.

We take our customers’ feedback seriously. At the bottom of every page in our web-based dashboard is a box like this:



Anyone with a Meraki dashboard account can enter wishes for any features they’d like to see added to Meraki products. Once you “make a wish,” your request — along with a dashboard page capture showing us where you’d like the feature to appear — gets sent to a special email list that includes all of our Product Managers and engineers. We keep tabs on the most wished-for items, and if you’ve wished for one you may get a friendly call from a Cisco Meraki developer to chat more about it.

During our first 5 years of business, we received about 10,000 customer wishes; today, we are averaging about 70-100 wishes per day. We are thrilled by this, because we use these wishes to help shape our product roadmaps, granting as many of them as our engineers can handle. Some of the more recent wishes that we’ve granted include reporting on MX HTTP cache hits and implementing dashboard support ticketing for MSPs.

At our SF office, wishes are publicly displayed — so it’s easy for everyone to see new wishes when they arrive.


This does feel a bit like working in Santa’s shop sometimes, as we collect wishes and make lists of what to deliver. We get wishes from folks all over the world, and not all of them are — ahem — relevant to the technologies at hand. If you don’t believe me, next time you’re logged into the Meraki dashboard and tweaking your network settings, try wishing for a unicorn. No, really.