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Fast, reliable guest wireless is essential for today’s hospitality industry, and we’ve got you covered with our stylish new wall-plate access point, the MR30H — engineered to accommodate hotels’ highest standards. But the Meraki solution offers so much more, like out-of-the-box location analytics to better understand guest behavior and foot traffic; integrated Bluetooth to seamlessly interface with iBeacon© apps; full stack offerings to easily manage all components of your network from a single, web-based dashboard; and the unlimited scalability of Meraki cloud management.

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Location Analytics

Built-in location analytics lets you easily gauge guest foot traffic, dwell time, and repeat visits across hotel properties or within specific areas inside buildings. Quickly answer questions like:

  • How many guests use your fitness facilities on a daily basis? Are gyms more popular at certain hotel properties?
  • How long did guests spend at the lobby bar this past week, and how many spent over an hour at the hotel restaurant last Thursday?
  • How many guests return to the same property on a weekly basis and should be targeted for VIP offers or promotions?

Heat Maps

With uploaded floor plans, it’s easy to visualize trends in guest density over time, allowing you to make more informed staffing decisions for your front desk, poolside, or spa facilities.


The MR30H AP comes with an integrated Bluetooth radio that can receive or advertise Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, allowing seamless integration with third party applications designed to interact with battery-powered — or wearable — Bluetooth tags.

Check out our Meraki proof-of-concept concierge app.

Guest Wifi

  • Best-in-class, 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless with gigabit throughput? Check.
  • Multi-user MIMO architecture to support multiple client devices simultaneously? Check.
  • Slim and svelte aesthetics? Check.
  • Isolated, secure guest WiFi in 3 dashboard clicks? Check.
  • Enterprise grade security and authentication? Check.
  • Layer 7 traffic shaping to easily throttle, block, or prioritize applications and prevent bandwidth hogs? Double check.

The Cloud features of Meraki and the plug-and-play installation
shaved at least a month off our deployment.

– Chris Biggers, IT Manager, Boutique Hotel Collection

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Empowering IT to Deliver Five-Star
Service and Support

If you’re managing IT in the hospitality sector, you know how important providing stellar guest service is. A robust technology platform that can
serve as the launchpad for next-generation experiences is key, but this adds overhead and new challenges for your IT team. As the number
of IP-connected devices per room increases, you need more ports and faster connectivity — all while satisfying guests’ expectation for ubiquitous
WiFi throughout your properties.

  • Troubleshooting
  • Visibility
  • Insights
  • One Easy Package

    Streamlining in-room network access with a 1:1 (one AP per room) + wired ports for in-room VoIP, entertainment, lighting, and more.

  • Everything Under One Roof

    Ease of deployment, streamlined configuration and proactive network maintenance across all properties helps deliver powerful and consistent services, leading to increased guest satisfaction.

  • Be in the Know

    Centralized visibility and detailed network insights help staff quickly respond to and resolve network issues before they ever impact guests.

Our Products

All Cisco Meraki devices are centrally and securely managed from the cloud using a single web-based dashboard. Our feature-rich, intuitive architecture enables customers to save time, reduce operating costs, and solve new business problems.

  • Wireless Access Points

    Optimized for high-density with 802.11ac & Bluetooth

  • Security & SD-WAN

    Feature rich unified threat management & SD-WAN with extension to AWS & Azure

  • Switches

    Layer 2 & Layer 3 switches for mission-critical networks

  • Insight

    Improved user experience and deeper insight into your WAN

  • EMM

    Unified management & control of thousands of devices

  • Smart Cameras

    Streamlines deployment & monitoring of video security systems