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With always-on connectivity, superior campus security, and the access students demand, higher education institutions can attract and retain students in an evolving competitive landscape. In order for campus leaders and IT teams to build unique and differentiated programs that will improve student experiences, a reliable network foundation is required. Cisco Meraki provides colleges and universities with the power, flexibility, and control they need to keep campuses connected and secure, while providing students with the connectivity and digital resources they expect.

High-Density Campus Wi-Fi

From move in to graduation day, students require reliable connectivity to be successful. Ensure students have the best experience with robust, high-density Wi-Fi, no matter where they are on campus.

  • Provide high-density wireless so that students taking an online exam in a packed lecture hall have the same experience as students playing video games in their dorm rooms
  • Solve issues faster and with more accuracy with improved visibility for anomaly detection, troubleshooting, and connection quality while rapidly identifying under-performing APs and clients across the network
  • Using location analytics and Bluetooth beacons, schools can deliver personalized, real-time notifications and interactions to help improve student experiences across campus
  • Simplify device on-boarding to dramatically reduce the number of help-desk tickets
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End-to-End Security

By integrating endpoint, network, and physical security, Meraki helps create safe campus environments that empower students to focus on learning and professors to focus on teaching.

  • Protect end user devices with content filtering, group policies, and advanced malware protection, while getting increased visibility into client behavior
  • Build a strong data security system that is always up-to-date to stop attackers from gaining access to campus networks, with integrated intrusion protection, anti-malware scanning, and Layer 7 firewall and traffic shaping rules
  • Deploy smarter security cameras that use advanced analytics and machine learning to help keep students and staff safer while informing campus-wide decisions
  • Manage all of your security solutions from one single pane of glass, dramatically reducing the burden on IT and allowing them to spend more time on impactful projects
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“We’ll be able to leverage data to deliver significant value that would never have been possible before. We see this as a game changer for the future with the capacity and capability Meraki provides.”

- Peter Williams, Associate VP for the IT & Chief Information Officer


Improve Student Experiences

Students today expect immediate access to always-on, reliable, high-bandwidth connections for all of their devices, anywhere on campus. By supplying students with robust network access, colleges and universities can provide outstanding campus experiences.

Access learning resources anywhere

With the ability to access digital materials and collaboration tools from anywhere, classes are no longer bound to a lecture hall, providing new opportunities for unique classroom and at-home learning experiences

Use all devices at the same time

Multi-tasking with multi-screens is a students’ new reality. They expect to be able to watch TV, complete online homework, send their friends videos, and upgrade their wearables, all at the same time

Participate in study groups

Libraries, research labs, and outdoor quads provide unique environments for students to complete assignments in groups, use new collaboration tools, and access important materials

Connect IoT devices

Ensuring that Bluetooth devices, sensors, and wireless technologies can reliably connect to the network is increasingly important to provide a holistic experience for students across campus

Personalized experiences

To navigate complex campus environments, sending students the right information at the right time through applications and push notifications will change how students interact with universities

Onboard devices easily

Allow students to log all of their devices onto the network seamlessly, including gaming consoles, home automation devices, and Bluetooth devices, without having to submit a support ticket

Technology Built for Higher Education

Rich analytics for troubleshooting and automation

The Meraki dashboard is an open, flexible, and scalable interface that provides rich network analytics for better decision-making and allows for limitless API integrations to automatically and programmatically provision the network.

  • Rapidly identify under-performing APs and clients as well as wireless issues across 
every stage of client connectivity
  • Identify usage trends to optimize bandwidth and pinpoint clients who overuse the network
  • Quickly resolve network issues with increased visibility and troubleshooting tools

Reliable security solutions

Reduce security concerns with a comprehensive suite of end-to-end security solutions, including endpoint, network, and physical security

  • Keep the wireless network protected at all times by enforcing security at the DNS layer
  • Enable students, faculty, and staff to securely use the internet while protecting them from unsuitable or harmful content
  • Quickly isolate video footage of specific events to solve security incidents faster, without manually viewing hours of footage

Intuitive, centralized management

Manage, monitor, and configure the network remotely from anywhere, anytime, with the web-based Meraki dashboard

  • Monitor and configure thousands of devices in a matter of minutes, regardless of the physical location, minimizing the time spent performing repetitive network configurations
  • Simplify large scale, distributed deployments with no expensive stacking modules or special cables
  • Satisfy increased bandwidth demands by augmenting premium WAN links or replacing with lower cost links to save total WAN costs

Our Products

All Cisco Meraki devices are centrally and securely managed from the cloud using a single web-based dashboard. Our feature-rich, intuitive architecture enables customers to save time, reduce operating costs, and solve new business problems.

  • Wireless Access Points

    Optimized for high-density with 802.11ax & Bluetooth

  • Security & SD-WAN

    Feature rich unified threat management & SD-WAN with extension to AWS & Azure

  • Switches

    Layer 2 & Layer 3 switches for mission-critical networks

  • Insight

    Improved user experience and deeper insight into your WAN

  • Endpoint Management

    Unified management & control of thousands of devices

  • Smart Cameras

    Streamlines deployment & monitoring of video security systems

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