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Twice the Storage, Twice the Fun

The new MV22X and MV72X smart cameras have 512GB of storage and 4MP resolution recording.

In the past few weeks, we’ve released several new features for the MV smart cameras – including scheduled exports, live link-sharing, and profiles and APIs for quality and retention settings. We have more feature announcements this week, and some new hardware models, with the MV22X and MV72X.

See More, Store More

The MV22X and MV72X models share the same form factor as the MV22 and MV72, but with 512GB of storage. Organizations have two ways to take advantage of this extra storage – longer retention, or higher resolution. For customers interested in longer storage duration, the new MV22X and MV72X can store up to 90 days of 24/7 video.

For those looking for higher resolution, the new MV22X and MV72X can record in up to 4MP resolution, which contains almost double the level of detail found in 1080P. The additional pixels can be useful for the identification of subjects or objects at farther distances, or when used by a 3rd party computer vision service for additional analytics. 

Video Wall Enhancements for MV32

The MV32 is also getting new functionality, with support for dewarped tiles on video walls. This lets users see multiple views from a single MV32 camera at one time, making it easier to stay on top of what is happening. Users can also add in de-warped tiles from multiple MV32 cameras to a video wall, and mix in other camera views, allowing them to create highly customized video walls. For more information on video walls, and setting up dewarped tiles, please refer to the documentation.  

Gif of Meraki dashboard video wall

Meraki as a Bluetooth Radio Platform

Finally, we will be enabling the Bluetooth radios on all second-generation MV smart cameras (the MV12 series, MV22 series, MV32, and MV72 series) in the first half of 2020. As part of this, we will be making Bluetooth scanning be available via API on MV cameras. For customers with both MR access points and MV smart cameras, this will offer improved BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) coverage. Stay tuned for more information!

Interested in learning more about these announcements, or MV smart cameras in general? Check out what’s new on the website, or join a webinar for an overview of the MV smart camera line. Let us know what you think about the new models and features in the Meraki Community!