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Switch to better performance

Further expanding choice for access layer switching

In these days of ubiquitous wireless devices, it’s easy to forget the humble network switch, even though every network depends on switches to provide power, performance and stability. These vital networking components are often deployed in large numbers, so ensuring the best balance of price and performance helps ensure optimal use of the precious IT budget.

We want to give IT teams a healthy range of options, so this month we’re introducing another tier to our access switch line. The new MS125 range is perfect for deployments where physical stacking is not a requirement, but performance most certainly is. These new switches are faster than MS120 switches (up to 129%), and raise uplink capacity across the board with 10Gb/s SFP+ uplink ports.

MS125 is available in fanless (silent) variants, making them perfect for open office deployments. There are also three PoE+ models to help power APs, cameras and other network-powered devices.

While we’re at it, we’re also adding a couple of long range single mode optical modules to our collection, extending the potential interconnect range between switches (or our SD-WAN/Security appliances) up to 80km!

Details of the new switches and fiber modules are up on our website, and to learn more about the many advantages of the Meraki approach to switching, our webinar program has you covered.