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Cisco Meraki Makes EU Privacy Compliance Simple

Cisco Meraki Makes EU Privacy Compliance Simple

The Meraki mission is to make IT simple. In addition to all the benefits a cloud-managed platform brings to our customers, this mission also means investing heavily in data protection, privacy and security, and being transparent with customers about their concerns. In light of the recent decision of the European Court of Justice that invalidated the US-EU Safe Harbor Framework, Meraki is taking additional steps to address customers’ questions and concerns about the processing of personal data by Meraki on their behalf. 

As a contractual matter, Meraki is now making available to its European customers a Data Processing Addendum (DPA) that governs all processing of personal data.  Any personal data that is processed outside the EEA will be governed by the European Commission’s Standard Contractual Clauses (also known as the EU Model Clauses), which are attached to the DPA. The EU Commission has recently affirmed that this contractual method is a valid basis on which to transfer personal data outside the EEA. So our European customers can continue to confidently deploy scalable, secure networks that comply with applicable regulations across the EEA.

Perhaps more importantly, the Meraki cloud-based architecture is built from the ground up with data protection, privacy, and security in mind. Foremost among these features is our Out-of-band Control Plane, which dramatically limits the amount of personal data that is transferred from any customer device to the Meraki cloud.

In 2014, in response to growing doubts about the future of the US-EU Safe Harbor Framework, Meraki built the EU Cloud, enabling customers to ensure that their data is stored only in data centers located in in the EEA. And by taking a few additional steps described in our EU Cloud Configuration Guide, customers can prevent the transfer of any personal data outside the EEA.

More information about our approach to these issues can be found on the Cisco Meraki Homepage for EU Privacy and Data Protection Compliance, including links to:

For further information, please contact your local Sales representative or email us directly at

It’s our mission to make IT simple, and we hope you continue to enjoy all the benefits of the Meraki platform!