We’re thrilled to announce exciting, first-of-its-kind hardware for our security product line: a comprehensive Unified Threat Management (UTM) box sporting an 802.11ac radio for blistering gigabit wireless. Our brand new Cisco Meraki MX64W Security Appliance for small branch sites clocks in at twice the firewall throughput of our previous model, the popular MX60W, while sporting a slimmer chassis. The MX64W’s two-radio architecture allows dual-concurrent, 2 x 2 MIMO operation and supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz clients.

The MX64W Security Appliance for small branch sites sports 802.11ac wireless.


The MX64W is ideal for organizations managing multiple small branch locations that want rock-solid security and 11ac wireless (about 3 times faster than today’s 802.11n standard) in a single device.

For those who don’t need the integrated gigabit wireless but still want improved firewall throughput over the MX60, the MX64 delivers the same security and speed boost in a wired-only chassis.

The MX64 Security Appliance for small branch sites improves processing speed over previous models.


Like our other MX Security Appliances, the both the MX64 and MX64W models support dual WAN uplinks, 3G/4G cellular uplink, market-leading intrusion prevention, content filtering, and Auto VPN (automatic, fault-tolerant site-to-site VPN that can be deployed in seconds), among other features.


Rock-solid security


Both the MX64 and MX64W support bleeding-edge and market-leading intrusion prevention (IPS) via an integrated Sourcefire engine. IPS is performed via rulesets: pre-defined security policies that determine the level of protection needed. Sourcefire refreshes rulesets daily to ensure protection against the latest vulnerabilities—including exploits, viruses, rootkits, and more—and these are pushed via the cloud to MX customers within an hour, with no manual staging or patching needed.

Combine this threat protection with integrated malware/anti-phishing and cloud content filtering, and network admins have a robust security solution that is easy to deploy and seamlessly maintains itself.


MX64W is ideal for retailers


Retailers looking to gain insight into in-store foot traffic can take advantage of the MX64W’s built-in location analytics platform, included at no additional cost or licensing requirement. Location analytics in the MX64W works just as it does with our MR wireless access points: you can track mobile devices that have their wireless enabled to glean insight into proximity, engagement, and loyalty metrics. You can compare these metrics across store locations from within the Meraki dashboard, or export the analytics data using our API.

CMX location analytics is built into the Meraki MX64W Security Appliance.


Additionally, both the MX64 and the MX64W support integrated Facebook Login that allows guests to authenticate to guest VLANs or networks (wired or wireless) using their Facebook credentials. This provides several benefits: you get access to aggregate and anonymous demographic data Facebook provides about your organization’s Facebook Page and on check-ins — statistics like the age and gender of those groups of people connecting. Also, your organization will be mentioned on guests’ Newsfeeds, providing branding visibility. Finally, Facebook Login provides an intuitive, seamless way to enable guests to access Internet resources.


For more information


The MX64 and MX64W are now available and shipping globally! Please check out our sizing guide and MX datasheet for additional information and details, or feel free to contact us anytime.