The Cisco Meraki team has made enrolling devices in Systems Manager easier than ever. There are a variety of ways to get devices set up with the mobile device management platform: Apple Device Enrollment Program, Systems Manager Sentry, and individual device enrollment just to name a few.

But, it is important to make sure device enrollment can be controlled. Systems Manager allows administrators to integrate Active Directory with the enrollment process in order to keep tabs on exactly who is enrolling. Below is the enrollment screen users reach by visiting from their mobile device.

By integrating enrollment with Active Directory, users will be prompted to enter their credentials, and only then, proceed to set up their devices.

Setting up enrollment with Active Directory integration is simple. Navigate to the Configure>General tab in Systems Manager in order to configure user authentication settings. Choose Active Directory from the drop down menu. From there, select the Active Directory gateway, which is used to relay AD queries to the LAN. When choosing the MX security appliance as the gateway, we will select a gateway network, and Systems Manager will automatically set up the MX in that network for authentication.

Alternatively, any Mac or PC running the Systems Manager agent can be used as the Active Directory Gateway. Simply enter the AD server information for your network. Then, select any Mac or PC on your Systems Manager network to act as the Gateway Machine.

Securing the enrollment process is just one of the ways Systems Manager is making mobile device management easier for administrators. Check out these other resources on how to set up Systems Manager from scratch, or enroll devices using Apple’s Device Enrollment Program.