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Choice, simplified

Determine the right MX Security Appliance for your environment with our new MX sizing guide

Have you ever wondered which MX Security Appliance model is right for you? Or how maximum throughput is affected by enabling certain security features? Or how the Meraki MX stacks up against the competition?

If so, check out our new MX sizing guide.

We’ve stress tested MX performance by modeling the most common, real-world use cases:

  • Every security feature turned on (requires Advanced Security license)

  • K-12 schools with limited bandwidth

  • K-12 schools with high bandwidth

  • College/higher educational institutions

  • Retail branch

  • Head-end concentrator for retail branches

We tell you which security features are commonly enabled in each scenario, and we’ve evaluated MX throughput with test traffic that reflects usage in the wild (e.g., K-12 institutions will see a greater proportion of Web traffic, while head-end concentrator deployments will see more FTP activity).

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 10.56.09 AM.png

One of several use cases dissected in the new MX sizing guide.

Although we always encourage prospective customers to test-drive our products in their own environment through our free evaluation program, this sizing guide gives IT admins a way to quickly match their own use case to realistic, scenario-driven throughput numbers—and choose the right MX for their organizations.