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Mission: Impossible 2 – BYOD Protocol

Fully configure varying levels of access control for company-owned and personal devices, all in under an hour.

Just a few short months ago, our team in London premiered their highly successful webinar, Mission: Impossible – One Hour WiFi. During that live presentation, we created an enterprise-grade wireless network in under hour, configured the access points with varying levels of security and access, and used an Android phone to connect to each SSID — all in about 30 minutes with plenty of time left for Q&A.

Due to its wild success and by popular demand, they’ve done it again with Mission: Impossible 2 – BYOD Protocol. It may seem simple to create a wireless network for company-owned and personal devices, but is it really possible to completely configure a wireless network to support the growing demands of mobile devices in less than an hour?


The Mission

Not to be outdone by their first performance, our London operatives added even more restrictions to their already demanding list of requirements. They’ve been tasked with implementing the mission’s guidelines of different types of network behavior depending on the type of device, but they can only use one SSID and a single Cisco Meraki access point.

But what are the required guidelines for company-owned and personal devices? They must be fairly simple if there’s only one hour, one SSID, and one device at their disposal…right? Not exactly.


The Requirements

For company-owned devices assigned to employees:

  • Log on to the corporate WiFi using Active Directory credentials
  • With staff Active Directory credentials, deny access to social media apps and restrict bandwidth to 5 Mbps
  • Enroll a new employee’s MacBook into the corporate mobile device management program


For shared, company-owned devices:

  • Authenticate to the corporate WiFi using Active Directory credentials
  • Enroll into the corporate mobile device management program
  • Require a passcode to access the device and deny camera use
  • Install the application Angry Birds or Salesforce onto the iPad


For employee-owned personal devices:

  • Restrict authentication to the corporate WiFi until the device has been authorized by IT
  • Log on to the corporate WiFi using Active Directory credentials
  • Deny access to social media applications
  • Deny access to video and music applications
  • Enforce a per device bandwidth limit of 1 Mbps


The Results

In just over 30 minutes, our operative accomplished each element of his mission and even connected a mobile device to the SSID to verify a successful completion.

2013 12 16 MI2 Blog screenshot

If you missed this riveting performance, be sure to catch the next screening coming soon or check out the recording.

So what’s next for our daredevil operatives? Time will only tell, so stay tuned and keep your eyes out for the next installation on the Cisco Meraki webinar page.

Until next time, Mission: Accomplished.