Technologies: Voice Optimization

  • Performance for voice and video
  • Intelligent power management
  • Optimized for rapid VoIP deployments

Even with all the new forms of communication at our fingertips today, the telephone remains as critical to business as ever. Cisco Meraki switches include all the features needed to easily deploy business-grade voice over IP telephony in next to no time.

Voice QoS

Performance for voice and video

Delays beyond 150 msec are often unacceptable for supporting voice and video traffic. Cisco Meraki switches support layer 2 and layer 3 quality of service (QoS), ensuring these real-time traffic flows are given priority as they enter and traverse the network. Set switch ports to accept ingress prioritization labels, or force certain ports or VLANs to a chosen priority level. Six queues with full QoS settings support flexible policy implementations.

Intelligent power management

Cisco Meraki switches intelligently allocate power based on device requirements, ensuring optimum use of the available budget. A total power budget of 380W allows the Cisco Meraki PoE switch models to support a phone in every port. For those few devices that require more, PoE+ (25.5W per port) is also supported. The budgeted and actual power draw of every PoE device — phone, access point, or security camera — are displayed in the Cisco Meraki dashboard in real-time, uncovering leftover power budget for additional devices.

Optimized for rapid VoIP deployments

Cisco Meraki switches support link layer discovery protocol (LLDP) and adaptively assign devices to their corresponding VLAN, for example placing phones into the voice VLAN and leaving any connected PC in its original VLAN. Changing the voice VLAN is done with a single-click, enabling rapid configuration changes across thousands of ports. In this way the process of VLAN selection is automated, streamlining deployment and minimizing manual configuration.