Technologies: Remote Live Tools

  • Visualize switch health
  • Run a cable test
  • Remote packet capture

Maintaining large, disperse switch deployments can be a headache without the right tools. Cisco Meraki switches include a range of management features designed to keep an Ethernet network running smoothly and helping to avoid costly site visits.

Remote Live Tools

Visualize switch health

When switches are deployed across multiple sites, the ability to easily and quickly identify problems becomes essential. The Meraki dashboard lists all switches in a network, showing a historical health status for each. At a glance, the network administrator can identify problems and which switches may have been impacted by an interruption to service, like a power cut or disconnected uplink. Alerts draw immediate attention so problems can be resolved quickly.

Run a cable test

Many Ethernet network issues start at the physical layer. At a remote site a cable connecting to a computer or phone may become damaged in normal use. With built-in remote cable testing, the network administrator can test the integrity of the cable, even when thousands of miles away. A cable test will also indicate the approximate length of the cable, helping the remote engineer understand whether they are working on a patch cable or building cabling.

Remote packet capture

Every network engineer knows that sooner or later only a packet capture will truly identify the source of a network problem. Cisco Meraki offers the unique ability to run a detailed packet capture from anywhere with an internet connection, without needing to be directly connected to the relevant switch. Simply select the port or device in dashboard and run the capture. This will generate an industry standard ‘pcap’ file which can be opened with the usual software.