Technologies: Application QoS

  • Deep packet inspection
  • Traffic shaping policies
  • Cloud-based application signatures

Cisco Meraki's integrated Layer 7 fingerprinting and application QoS automatically identifies and controls hundreds of applications, from business apps to BitTorrent and YouTube.

Layer 7 application Quality of Service

Deep packet inspection

A modular and flexible packet processing engine delivers consistent, high-performance application traffic shaping within product families and across product lines. This custom-built Layer 7 technology uses a variety of techniques to identify and control hundreds of applications.

Going far beyond IP addresses, hostnames, and ports, Layer 7 deep packet inspection uses heuristics-based identification to classify traffic based on application, even identifying evasive, dynamic, and encapsulated apps. High performance hardware enables inspection, classification, and traffic shaping at line-rate inside Cisco Meraki devices.

Traffic shaping policies

Gain control over network traffic by prioritizing critical apps like VoIP, while throttling or blocking high bandwidth consumers like Netflix and BitTorrent. Application and device fingerprinting with Google-like search allows administrators to easily identify the highest bandwidth consuming apps and users, and control them via application traffic shaping polices. Fine-grained control allows users' application bandwidth to be throttled based on group membership.

Cloud-based application signatures

Cisco Meraki's cloud-based application signature database is constantly updated to identify new and changing applications, without requiring the administrator to download and install software updates. The Cisco Meraki cloud-based architecture continually learns from Cisco Meraki's thousands of customer networks and millions of users, increasing the accuracy and precision of application fingerprints.