Technologies: Air Marshal / WIPS

  • Dedicated security radio
  • Air Marshal: real-time detection with customizable alarms
  • Intuitive and flexible remediation

Air Marshal is Cisco Meraki's wireless intrusion prevention (WIPS) solution. Integrated into every Cisco Meraki access point and centrally managed from the cloud, Air Marshal detects and neutralizes wireless threats, delivering state of the art protection to the most security conscious distributed networks.

Wireless network Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Dedicated security radio

Cisco Meraki APs feature a dedicated security radio, powering Air Marshal and enabling round-the-clock protection without interrupting client traffic. This third radio is dual-band, providing spectrum intelligence across 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies and full-time security protection from network vulnerabilities.

Air Marshal: real-time detection with customizable alarms

APs scan their environment in real-time and take preemptive action based on intuitive user-defined preferences. Attack profiles are organized into categories such as rogue SSIDs, AP spoofs, and packet floods, facilitating rapid classification and response by a network administrator.

Administrators can be notified via email alerts when rogue APs are introduced onto the network.

Intuitive and flexible remediation

Once identified, rogue APs can be contained through built-in techniques that deauthenticate clients and render the rogue AP ineffective. Flexible remediation policies makes it ideal for security-conscious distributed networks, and Air Marshal can also auto-contain APs spoofing your network’s SSID, ensuring your employees and customers are not lured into connecting to a malicious rogue device.