Connect Your Community

Connecting your community starts with the underlying network. Cisco Meraki enables state and local governments to implement smart initiatives that positively impact communities’ quality of life, security, and the local economy with simple IT. With a reliable and secure network, you spend more time on strategic government initiatives and less time on day-to-day maintenance.

Simplify Network Management

Whether you use Meraki at one government office, or across the entire community, easily manage your entire network through the intuitive, web-based Meraki dashboard.

  • Configure, troubleshoot, and update all Meraki devices remotely — without going on-site to remote locations
  • Reduce duplicate vendor, application, and service costs by streamlining network management
  • From access points to security cameras, manage the entire network through a single interface
  • With complete network visibility, spend less time on day-to-day configurations and management

Built For Lean Government IT Teams

Perfect for lean government IT teams, Meraki removes the need for day-to-day network maintenance and on-site troubleshooting, so you can focus on community priorities.

  • Free IT staff from the hassle of on-site management with no hardware controllers
  • Deploy an entire network in days, rather than months, by pre-configuring devices before they arrive
  • Manage all network infrastructure from one place, freeing up IT to work on other projects
  • With no specialized training or command-line required, non-technical staff can set up and manage the network

“Across the whole Meraki product line, there is flexibility, ease of installation and deployment, and simplified firmware upgrades and maintenance - it is a single interface for managing switching, routing, wireless, telephones - the whole works.”

— Arthur W. Wilson, Network Engineer, Florida Department of Environmental Protection

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Improve Worker and Citizen Experiences

With a reliable network backbone in place, IT teams can enable government workers to be more effective and
efficient, while improving citizen experiences.

Enable Next-Generation Workers

Give workers the tools and real-time information they need to succeed with reliable and secure network access in government offices and out in the field.

  • Attract new and skilled workers with access to modern technology, like mobile applications, collaboration tools, and BYOD
  • Break down government silos and improve cross-agency collaboration with secure site-to-site VPN connections
  • Make real-time, impactful decisions with faster and reliable access to data from anywhere
  • Improve productivity by making it easier for workers to do their jobs with always-on network connectivity

Improve Citizen Experiences

With reliable connectivity, communities can deliver effective public services, share meaningful interactions with constituents, and increase quality of life.

  • Close the digital divide by providing public Wi-Fi across the community — at schools, parks, museums, sports complexes, libraries, and more
  • Improve the safety of residents with better connected and more efficient law enforcement and emergency services teams
  • Reduce crime and make informed decisions with easily searchable and sharable video footage
  • Use out-of-the-box data analytics to make smarter, more timely decisions that directly impact citizens

Every Smart City Starts with the Network Foundation

To successfully implement city-wide initiatives, like better parking and lighting, a robust network backbone is required. With Meraki, you can deploy an entire network in days, rather than months, putting you ahead of schedule. With out-of-the-box functionality, paired with applications and APIs delivered through partners, smart city dreams can be made a reality.

  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Decisions
  • Light the way to a safer community

    Using LED lights with sensors provided by our partners, street lights can automatically respond to movement and light levels, illuminating when people walk by at night and dimming during low activity, reducing crime and energy costs.

  • Get Where You're Going, Faster

    Use video cameras and connected road sensors to monitor vehicles and collect important data on traffic patterns. With this, you can decrease traffic and simplify parking, improve public transportation usage with accurate departure and arrival times, and reduce carbon emissions with less gas cars on the road.

  • Analytics for Informed Decisions

    With built in Bluetooth Beacons and heat maps, easily see how many people are on the network and where people are going - providing valuable insight into client and visitor behavior. Use connected environmental sensors from our partners to monitor air quality, water levels, noise, and allergens to keep people safe and reduce energy costs.

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Our Products

All Cisco Meraki devices are centrally and securely managed from the cloud using a single web-based dashboard. Our feature-rich, intuitive architecture enables customers to save time, reduce operating costs, and solve new business problems.

  • Wireless Access Points

    Optimized for high-density with 802.11ax & Bluetooth

  • Security & SD-WAN

    Feature rich unified threat management & SD-WAN with extension to AWS & Azure

  • Switches

    Layer 2 & Layer 3 switches for mission-critical networks

  • Insight

    Improved user experience and deeper insight into your WAN

  • EMM

    Unified management & control of thousands of devices

  • Smart Cameras

    Streamlines deployment & monitoring of video security systems