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$4 million is the average cost of a security breach in 20191

Learn how you can prevent your company from becoming the next data breach headline. Cisco Meraki is launching its biggest cross-product security solutions to help you create a simple and secure digital workplace.

Powerful security shouldn't be complicated

Network security is a top concern for IT administrators. While everyone wants a secure network, security solutions are complicated, require tedious manual labor, and a highly skilled IT team to implement. Most businesses do not have these types of resources, so they give up and slap in a firewall. With Meraki, you no longer have to compromise.


Simplify your security!

As businesses grow, network management gets difficult. With increased traffic from Wi-Fi 6, a larger number of connected clients, and higher application demands on switching, traditional ways of configuring access and security policies become time-consuming and create vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity threats are everywhere, expensive and evolving


Of businesses experienced a significant security event last year2


is the avg. time required to hack an IoT device3


is the shortage of cybersecurity professionals globally4


Is the likelihood of an org. experiencing a breach within 2 yrs5

Meraki already has a head start in simplicity, security and scalability. All Meraki networking solutions are managed from a single dashboard. We are unveiling a host of cross-product security solutions to make security simple.

Watch our webinar to learn more!

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With these new solutions from Meraki, you no longer have to compromise on security. Meraki is simplifying security across every layer of your network with:


Most powerful Meraki access switch which combines the simplicity of cloud-managed IT with the power of Cisco technology

Meraki MR with Cisco Umbrella

New MR Advanced and Upgrade licenses enable zero-touch DNS layer security, powered by Cisco Umbrella from the Meraki dashboard

Adaptive Policy

Adaptive Policy is the simplest and most effective method of applying policies based on client, intent, and identity


Assign unique keys to users and devices, and build identity-based groups without the need for 802.1X


SecureConnect provides automated and seamless switch-port protection between MS and MR devices

Firewall Object Groups

Firewall Object Groups help create and manage firewall rules more easily on the MX

Meraki Trusted Access

Meraki Trusted Access enables personal devices secure access to critical resources without requiring installation of an MDM

Trustworthy Systems

Cisco Trustworthy Systems security solutions ensure that the Meraki platform is tamper-proof with a tamper-resistant chip, and other features

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