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Learn more about the Meraki Partner Program. With products that are fast and easy to sell, interoperate with other Cisco products, and are managed service-ready, you and your customers are going to love Meraki.

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Existing Cisco partners can fill out this application to become an official Meraki partner. Once approved, you'll gain access to the Meraki Partner Portal, lead generation tools, and be included in Meraki-specific promotions!
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The Meraki Partner Portal gives you access to everything you need to sell Meraki. From training opportunities, to sales and marketing support, and an easy way to track your referrals, the Partner Portal is the best resource to help grow your business.

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Meraki Partner FAQ

Why does Meraki matter to you?

    Meraki helps you stay competitive in the market and build profitable IT practices around a complete, cloud portfolio. Our simple, out-of-the-box products with advanced analytics are easy to understand and sell, and the intuitive licensing model provides you with a recurring revenue stream.

Why will your customers love Meraki?

    Your customers are moving to the cloud for all their IT needs: by next year, almost three quarters of all IT infrastructure, software, services, and technology spending will be cloud-based. On top of that, they are facing demanding IT challenges. Small businesses and global enterprises alike love the simple, yet powerful solutions that Meraki offers which not only help them save time and money with an intuitive, feature-rich interface that allows customers to manage their IT from anywhere in the world.

What’s in it for me?

  • Pipeline generation is a breeze
    With our webinar program, every qualifying attendee walks away with a free piece of hardware to test out for themselves. Over 65% of them eventually turn into customers, boosting your top-line growth.

  • Your customers will stick around
    97% of customers go on to renew their licenses. Nearly 60% buy additional Meraki products in the first two years alone. And each customer grows by 3X in those 2 years.

  • Meraki as a platform
    Want to create your own solutions or managed services to generate long-term, recurring revenue? With our open API's and managed service-ready dashboard, you can get started in minutes.

How do you know when to offer Meraki?

    There are many reasons why your customers will choose Meraki, but keep an eye out if your customer talks to you about...

    • wanting to easily connect and manage their networks across thousands of sites
    • providing enterprise-class security and reassurance with just a few clicks
    • proactively ensuring a high-quality network experience
    • wanting state of the art analytics and intelligence
    • instant scalability if their needs change
    • increased productivity in the IT staff
    • future-proofing their IT investment and make their investment go further

Will I still be able to sell on-prem Cisco products?

    Because Meraki is part of Cisco, it's not one or the other when deciding to sell Meraki. The same is true for when your customers want to integrate Meraki into their existing IT operations: There's no need to rip and replace - Cisco and Meraki are better together, rather than alone.

What if I’m interested in managed services?

Setting up a recurring revenue model through managed services couldn’t be easier with Meraki. As more customers migrate towards subscription-based IT solutions, this is an opportunity for you to identify new revenue streams. Meraki provides all the resources you’ll need to get started with your new managed services business.

  1. Learn more about the future of IT services on the Service Provider webpage
  2. Explore the MSP Hub in the Meraki Community for step-by-step instructions, advice, best practices, and more

What if I’m interested in APIs?

    Meraki provides the building blocks of a powerful platform. The Meraki Marketplace hosts out-of-the-box applications that integrate with the Meraki platform and take your customers’ businesses to a new level.

    For more customer solutions, the Developer Hub offers highly programmable cloud-based architecture, open APIs that are free to use and easy to integrate into other applications, and references guides that empower your customers to build their own custom applications.

What is the Meraki Learning Hub?

    The Meraki Learning Hub is our one-stop shop for training offerings, where you can jump start your learning as a Cisco partner through course offerings and online content including:

    Meraki Fundamentals Introductory Training (Meraki FIT)
    New to Cisco Meraki? Start with this sales-focused, online program.

    Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions (ECMS)
    Build and elevate your Cisco Meraki technical knowledge and skills through this two-course training track.

    Advance your ability to sell the Meraki the Meraki solution and configure key features through this hands-on technical program for pre-sales engineers.

    More information and registration: Cisco partners can view these training offerings and more by navigating to http://community.meraki.com/learninghub and using your Cisco information to sign-in.

What now?

    Want to find new customers and retain your existing ones? Make the switch to cloud-managed IT, and future-proof your business with Meraki today! Learn more about the Meraki Partner Program by filling out this short interest form.