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Green is the new Gold

One of the trends of 2015 was the enthusiasm we saw for Meraki t-shirts, especially from participants at the many events we attended. More than just free ‘schwag’, the Meraki t-shirt seems to have a greater appeal, with more than one person telling us it was their favorite tech shirt. The combination of bold green color, modern design, and Meraki brand stands out in a way which has caused complete strangers to stop us in the street to talk about Meraki.

However this is not the whole story, and we will admit to an oversight in last year’s t-shirt inventory planning. We had only a small number of bright green Meraki t-shirts manufactured, with the rest in a patterned grey.


For those not familiar with the technicalities of the Meraki brand, the green shirts were dyed to match the exact Meraki green, known as Pantone 368 U. This bold and vivid colour was thought to be too intense for day–to–day wear, and we only made enough for event staff. The grey variant was picked as our choice of shirt giveaway for the 2015 event season.

As it turns out, we could not have been more wrong in our assumptions about people’s desire for bright Meraki green shirts. The number of people asking to switch their shirt from grey to green became so numerous we lost count, but we did listen and have heard you loud and clear. With that, we are excited to launch the brand new 2016 season Meraki t-shirt, custom dyed Meraki Pantone 368 U green!


Would you like to get your hands on a pure Meraki green t-shirt? If so, then you should put a date in your diary to come visit us at one of the many events we are attending this year. The next opportunity to bag your ‘schwag’ is Cisco Live! Berlin. An extensive team of Merakians will be in attendance for presentations, demonstrations, and meetings. Find out more by reading this blog post.


We made it!

In March we ran the March to 1000 promotion for new and existing subscribers to the Meraki blog. We saw an unprecedented number of people sign-up to receive news from the blog, and we easily surged past our target of 1000 subscribers. Thank you to everyone who participated and encouraged others to subscribe. We will shortly be announcing the winner of the competition and contacting them directly to arrange delivery of their shiny new MX64W and Advanced Security license. Keep an eye on your inbox to see if you have been selected!

Due to the number of new subscribers we achieved in March, we would like to run a smaller promotion for all subscribers to give more people a chance of receiving some Meraki love. At the end of April we will select ten of our blog subscribers to receive a limited edition Meraki t-shirt.


Modelled for us by Technical Evangelist and blog writer @merakisimon, this is the latest t-shirt design, currently only available to Meraki staff. If you are chosen at the end of April, we will ship you a shirt of your prefered size. Oh, we should add, terms and conditions apply.

If you have yet to subscribe to the blog, then this is a great reason to do so today. To subscribe, navigate to the blog homepage, click the ‘Subscribe’ button, and enter your email address. Existing subscribers can sit back and relax, as you will be automatically entered. Thanks again to all our readers, and if you have any comments or suggestions for the blog, please drop us a note on twitter @meraki.