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Navigate the #fullstack


Here at Meraki, we are continually focused on simplifying the IT management experience. One of the areas our engineering team is always paying attention to is how to offer additional benefits to customers who have multiple Meraki product types. We want every product, be that wireless, security, switching or mobility management to be outstanding in their own right, but what about when they come together?

One exceptional example of this integration is Systems Manager Sentry. With Systems Manager MDM holding a wealth of data on client devices, it can automatically configure the network based on rules you provide. Another is Group Policies, where one interface allows network-wide rules, such as firewalling and traffic shaping to be configured, no matter if the connectivity type is wired or wireless.

The Meraki dashboard is central to our cloud technology and is used to manage all our products through a simple, intuitive, and powerful interface. This is continually updated and improved based on customer feedback and internal research. The cloud infrastructure allows for these changes to be seamlessly deployed without user intervention, patches, or downtime.

In February we introduced our #fullstack campaign to highlight the benefits of a combined network view in dashboard. With a combined view, the products are grouped together so that a single site can be viewed in a single navigation pane.


Although Systems Manager deployments could be managed from the same dashboard interface as the other products, it was previously not possible to combine them. Today we announce the beta availability of fully combined networks, with Systems Manager integrated into the navigation pane. If you would like to try out the new interface, go to the Organization Overview page within dashboard and choose Combine.


To celebrate the arrival of the combined #fullstack network, we are running another blog promotion for our subscribers. The winner will receive a full stack of Meraki equipment, comprising the following equipment, supplied with 3 year licences:

  • 1 x MX64 Security Appliance
  • 1 x MS220-8P PoE Ethernet Switch
  • 1 x MR32 Wireless Access Point with BLE beacon technology
  • 20 x Systems Manager licences

To take part in the promotion, all you need to do is subscribe to the Meraki blog by the end of November 2015. Current subscribers are automatically entered to win.  Additional terms and conditions apply; subscription is not necessary to enter.

If you are an existing Meraki customer with only one product family today, why not try adding some of the others to learn more about the benefits of the full Meraki stack. Contact us to arrange your evaluation at no charge. You’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes, and we have a dedicated evaluation support team ready to help you at every step.


Blog Benefits

Over the last few months there have been a number of opportunities for our blog subscribers to have a chance of receiving exciting Meraki goodies. Being up to date with all the latest information has never been so rewarding! As we reach lofty new levels of readership, we wanted to reflect on our past promotions and their winners.

“March to 1000”

In our “March to 1000” promotion, subscribers could receive the industry’s first 802.11ac UTM device. Lars Cederholm, Business Developer at ATEA, was the winner of this promotion and received an MX64W.

ATEA is an IT infrastructure company based in the Nordics with several events throughout the year, including an IT roadshow. With 14 cities along the way and over 3,000 customer attendees, Lars has been putting his new security appliance to good use. Not only is he using the device to demo the security and wireless features of the Cisco Meraki solution, but he’s also set it up to provide guest WiFi at the events. The integrated Facebook WiFi splash feature is providing a streamlined way to access the network, while also providing ATEA with additional brand awareness on the social media platform. We’re excited to see what Lars does next with his MX64W!

“We Made it!”

Following the great success of the “March to 1000” promotion we ran the “We Made it!” promotion offering ten limited edition Meraki t-shirts. The winners included:

Jim H.

John B.

Todd M.

Pablo N.

Jonathan H.

If you’re a blog subscriber it could be worth double checking your inbox, maybe you missed our message. Please get in contact if you find your congratulatory e-mail!

“Take me Home”

Finally the “Take me Home” promotion celebrated the power of the Meraki teleworking solutions available with the MX64 and Z1 products. The five winners of the Z1 teleworker gateways were:

Michael M.

Judy R.

Rusty V.

Craig K.

Adam K.

We would like to offer our thanks to all winners and blog subscribers for their support of the blog, and we look forward to running further promotions in the future.

Take me home

To celebrate the launch of our latest product video featuring the Z1, we are running another one of our popular promotions for subscribers to the blog. This time we are giving away Z1 teleworker gateways to five lucky subscribers.

To take part in the promotion, all you need to do is subscribe to the Meraki blog before the end of August 2015. Current subscribers are automatically entered into the promotion. To subscribe, visit the Meraki blog home page and press the subscribe button. Additional terms and conditions apply; subscription is not necessary to enter.


There is a lot of love for the tiny, but powerful, Z1 in the Meraki office. We encourage you to experience the Z1 for yourself and potentially grow as attached to it as we have.


We made it!

In March we ran the March to 1000 promotion for new and existing subscribers to the Meraki blog. We saw an unprecedented number of people sign-up to receive news from the blog, and we easily surged past our target of 1000 subscribers. Thank you to everyone who participated and encouraged others to subscribe. We will shortly be announcing the winner of the competition and contacting them directly to arrange delivery of their shiny new MX64W and Advanced Security license. Keep an eye on your inbox to see if you have been selected!

Due to the number of new subscribers we achieved in March, we would like to run a smaller promotion for all subscribers to give more people a chance of receiving some Meraki love. At the end of April we will select ten of our blog subscribers to receive a limited edition Meraki t-shirt.


Modelled for us by Technical Evangelist and blog writer @merakisimon, this is the latest t-shirt design, currently only available to Meraki staff. If you are chosen at the end of April, we will ship you a shirt of your prefered size. Oh, we should add, terms and conditions apply.

If you have yet to subscribe to the blog, then this is a great reason to do so today. To subscribe, navigate to the blog homepage, click the ‘Subscribe’ button, and enter your email address. Existing subscribers can sit back and relax, as you will be automatically entered. Thanks again to all our readers, and if you have any comments or suggestions for the blog, please drop us a note on twitter @meraki.