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2009 Meraki Enterprise Customer Summit Wrap-Up

On Thursday, September 17, Meraki hosted a very successful Enterprise Customer Summit (ECS) at our headquarters in San Francisco.  The goal of ECS is to get direct, unfiltered feedback on our products from some of our key customers.  While these customers tend to be our biggest advocates, they are also our harshest critics!  We began by having the customers deliver short presentations about their Meraki deployments, which served not only to break the ice, but also to start the flow of feedback for Meraki—what’s going well, what could be improved, and what new features are interesting to our customers.  Next, we dove into a product session, during which we sanity-checked our immediate short-term roadmap and brainstormed our long-term roadmap.  Finally, during the marketing session, we explored messaging, lead generation, and go-to-market strategies that could help Meraki find the customers with the pain points (i.e. high cost and complexity of deploying or upgrading a wireless LAN solution) that Meraki solves very effectively.

Besides obtaining the feedback that we solicited, we left these discussions with 2 key takeaways:

·         We confirmed that wireless networking is no longer an amenity for companies and organizations; it is a mission-critical requirement for a variety of deployment areas (offices, campuses, warehouses, etc.) and a variety of users (employees, students, visitors, etc.).  Administrators need to provide reliable wireless connectivity as easily and affordably as possible.
·         By moving network infrastructure into the cloud, customers are able to spend less time maintaining and monitoring the network infrastructure, and more time helping the clients who use the network infrastructure.  This shift in focus has yielded tangible benefits in how IT departments allocate their time (and money).

At the end of an action-packed day, we received very positive comments from the ECS participants.  Here’s what one person said: “I love the chance to be included in these sorts of meetings. I was so encouraged to move from a great sales experience into a rich technology experience….We are excited to be a part of [Meraki’s future].”

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s ECS.  And thanks to all of our customers who have provided us with feedback over the years, either by “making a wish” or by contacting Meraki Technical Support.  Please keep the feedback coming!

-Posted by Jed Lau