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Meraki Stars Take the Stage at Cisco Live

Turn it up - Cisco Live

James Cameron is a big inspiration to me. The Canadian director created some of my favorite movies—Terminator, Aliens, and Avatar. His films are visually stunning and futuristic with simple plot lines; I can watch them again and again. Cameron is one of the guest speakers at Cisco Live 2021, premiering March 30th on the virtual stage. While I cannot wait to see him, I am also excited that he will be sharing the stage with a whole slew of Meraki experts, including Chris Stori, Meraki General Manager, and Ways Hassas, Senior Product Manager. Let the show begin!

Meraki stars take to the stage

While James Cameron is a path-breaker in movie-making and has universal appeal, our Meraki stars know a thing or two about simplifying everything for our customers. On the Innovation channel, Chris Stori expounds on the evolved digital workplace. He explains how to transform your organization into a digital-first model and how to be ready for what’s next in networking technology. Here’s a sneak peek of digital-first customers that Chris will showcase—a large Australian enterprise, a college in California, and a community healthcare provider in the Southeastern U.S.

Ways takes it further, outlining how organizations can take the next step with the Meraki cloud networking platform. His session on easing into change on the Transform Infrastructure channel demonstrates the power of open APIs for deep analytics and integration across the ecosystem of developers for diverse use-cases to digitalize the workplace. 

There is more. Be sure to check out the Meraki demonstrations in the World of Solutions hosted by Meraki specialists Michael Singer, Jordan Noonan, David van Schravendijk, and Miriam Kung. You can chat live with experts, access helpful resources, and see the latest innovations. For even more must-see Meraki sessions, refer to the table below.

Select Meraki Sessions at Cisco Live!
Topics Sessions
The digital workplace evolved DLBINT-44 with Chris Stori
Easing into change BRKENS-2733 with Ways Hassas
Secure edge, SASE, WAN, 5G BRKMER-2019 with Steven Harrison, BRKMER-2020 with Rob Watt, BRKSEC-2032 with Seppi Dittli, BRKMER-1010 with Shilpi Sneha, and Unni Ambat Rajagopalan.
Location services, Wi-Fi, machine learning BRKMER-1000 with Neil Kulkarni, PSOMER-1103 with Sunmeel Bhumkar and Alexander Nedunzhko, and PSOMER-1102 with David van Schravendijk.
Smart spaces, IoT, machine learning BRKIOT-2023 with Anthony Hizon, BRKMER-1002 with Matt Marston and Andreas Nordgren, and PSOMER-1101 with Shashank Nalla.
Managed services, SMB PSOSMB-1009 with Miriam Kung and PSOSMB-1006 and PSOSMB-2000 with Lee Peterson.

Student sitting on ground against column working on laptop

Accelerating digitalization

2020 has indeed been a pivotal year for the world. While some businesses thrived, others struggled to survive, and most coped with massive disruption to operations. The good news, as McKinsey reports from October 2020, is that companies digitized many activities 20 to 25 times faster during COVID-19, and the acceleration factor was x43 for remote working and collaboration. This was certainly at the cost of organizational pain, but with the abrupt dislocation now behind us, companies need to get back to thriving. 

Platform-powered solutions

The key to growth is keeping things simple. Meraki’s philosophy of simplifying IT solutions with a cloud-first platform has benefited over half a million customers and scaled to three million active networks. Our platform-powered solutions offer robust business resiliency, location services, secure edge with SASE, smart spaces with IoT, and integrated Wi-Fi and switching access.

With ample content across a range of topics, using multiple formats and featuring diverse speakers, Meraki experts cover all these solutions at Cisco Live. Create a personalized watchlist and join us for Meraki at Cisco Live on March 30. Learn how your business can thrive through digital transformation confidently amid constant change with an evolved, cloud-first platform.

Get inspired

If all of the exciting sessions plus James Cameron aren’t enough for you to attend Cisco Live, we also have luminaries such as Serena Williams, Billie Jean King, José Andrés, and more as guest speakers. This is an event you won’t want to miss. Innovation peppered with inspiration. Click now to register and get ready to turn it up at Cisco Live.

Cisco Live Cancún 2019

¿Eres de los que constantemente está leyendo sobre lo último en IT? ¿Te has imaginado que nos espera en el futuro? Cisco Live Cancún, es un espacio único para conocer y experimentar la tecnología simplificada, segura e inteligente de Cisco Meraki que permite a las organizaciones transformarse digitalmente.

Cisco Live Cancún será del 28 al 31 de octubre y quisiéramos compartirte algunas razones para animarte a vivir esta experiencia con nosotros:

  1. Sesiones técnicas: Meraki está incluido en siete sesiones técnicas. Estas sesiones se centran en tecnologías, estrategias de arquitectura, aplicaciones de solución de problemas para las soluciones o tecnologías de Cisco. Regístrese para las sesiones, ya que serán 100% Meraki. Los asistentes de Cisco Live pueden registrarse para estas presentaciones iniciando sesión en su cuenta en línea de Cisco Live e ingresando al catálogo de sesiones.
  2. Vertical summits: hay un total de siete sesiones verticales en Cisco Live Cancún y Meraki es patrocinador de tres. Manténgase actualizado, conozca las historias de éxito de otras compañías que ahora son una referencia en su industria, haga crecer su red y comience o adapte su estrategia tecnológica para llevar a su compañía un paso por delante de su competencia en las sesiones para gobierno, educación y salud.
  3. Zona DevNet: visite las sesiones de Meraki DevNet para obtener más información. Meraki tendrá seis sesiones en la zona DevNet. Los asistentes de Cisco Live pueden registrarse para estas presentaciones iniciando sesión en su cuenta en línea de Cisco Live e ingresando al Catálogo de sesiones.
  4. Demos (World of solutions): como complemento a todas las sesiones de aprendizaje, en el World of Solutions, podrá ver las soluciones de Cisco y sus partners. También podrá encontrar a Meraki en una variedad de demos en todo el Cisco Showcase: 
  • Launch | WiFi 6 Launch
  • Security | Meraki Security
  • Branch | Branch Security & SD-WAN powered by Meraki
  • Branch | Work Simple, Digital Workplace
  • Campus | Assurance in the Cisco Meraki Platform
  • Campus | High Density Wireless for Campus 

        5. Certificaciones: si necesita certificarse en las soluciones Cisco y reforzar su currículum, durante Cisco Live tiene la oportunidad de presentar cualquiera de los exámenes de certificación.

Además de todo lo que podrá aprender en este evento, Cisco Live Cancún también ofrece actividades divertidas y de ocio, como la tradicional carrera de 5 km, sesiones de yoga, el cóctel de apertura del WoS y la fiesta de clausura del evento.

Para más detalles de la participación de Meraki en Cisco Live visite nuestra página del evento y síganos en Twitter @MerakiLatam

Putting the Meraki Touch on Cisco Live US 2019

In just a few days, tens of thousands of IT professionals will descend on sunny San Diego, CA for Cisco Live US, an annual extravaganza for customers and partners eager to rub shoulders with other like-minded folks and up their networking game. No matter which technical sessions you choose to attend or which speakers you hear from, Cisco Live is bound to be a fun and rewarding time.

That all said, there is one way to ensure your time at Cisco Live is a step above most others’: hanging out with Meraki! We’ve got a whole host of exciting things planned that we think will not only educate, inspire, and excite you, but also leave your friends green with envy.

Here are a few Meraki-specific sessions, events, and experiences to look forward to while you’re in San Diego.

1. Get Hands-On with Meraki at DevNet Express

Cisco Live US may not officially start until Monday, June 10, but Meraki is ready to pre-game. On Saturday, June 8 and Sunday, June 9, we’ll be hosting our first-ever Meraki-focused DevNet Express in San Diego.

Never been to a DevNet Express? You’re in for a treat: you’ll learn how to use Meraki APIs to automate routine networking tasks, understand the ins and outs of using the Meraki dashboard, and learn from other networking pros about best practices. Most importantly, you’ll learn by doing — DevNet Express is all about putting what you’ve learned into practice. This means you’ll walk out of DevNet Express for Meraki with the confidence to take your Meraki networks to the next level.

Oh yeah, and DevNet Express for Meraki is completely free to attend. Learn more on the Cisco Developer blog.

2. A Bevy of Breakouts

Whether you’re looking to hear from Meraki product leaders or to dive into a technical lab, we’ve got something for you at Cisco Live. Our goal is to help you optimize and derive the most value from your Meraki deployments. SD-WAN? We’ve got it. Intent-based networking? Check. Brand security deployments? Of course.

Check out our recent blog post for details on all the Meraki sessions your heart could possibly desire. Be sure to register on the Cisco Live US website today!

3. Developers, Developers, Developers

Meraki knows how much the developer community cares about APIs, which is why we’ve come out with tons of new endpoints in the last couple of years to make Meraki deployments more extensible. Cisco Live is the perfect place to learn more about the power of these APIs. We’re dominating the DevNet Zone with no less than 11 sessions and workshops focused on building new capabilities based on the Meraki platform. Here are just a few sample sessions to get you excited:

  • Network Provisioning, Management, and Monitoring with Meraki Dashboard API
  • Leveraging Real time Infrastructure Data Streams with Meraki and Cisco Wireless LAN Controller
  • Hardening your Network with Code (and APIs)

Plus, Meraki will be taking over the DevNet Zone with all things green on Tuesday, June 11th from 4-5 PM. Be sure to stop by to get exclusive swag and learn all about Meraki APIs!

Visit the Session Catalog and log in to your Cisco Live account to sign up for our DevNet Zone events.

4. #MerakiMission + the Brand New Meraki Lounge

For the second year in a row, we’re bringing back the #MerakiMission. What’s that, you ask? It’s a fun way to win free Meraki swag by completing demos and sharing your love for Meraki on social media. #MerakiMission will take place at our first-ever Meraki Lounge, located in the World of Solutions (map below). Be sure to stop by to not only pick up your #MerakiMission swag, but also grab a cup of coffee, charge up your device, and participate in our new Meraki MV virtual reality experience!

Check out how you can participate in the #MerakiMission challenge as well as find more information about the Lounge on our CLUS website. We’ve got some exclusive, limited edition swag on hand, so don’t miss out.

Finally, members of the Meraki Community can stop by the Lounge to meet the famous MeredithW. She’ll be handing out special badge ribbons. Come on by and say hello!

5. Innovation Talk: Simple, Secure Digital Workplace with Cisco Meraki

Always a popular draw, Todd Nightingale, SVP and GM of Meraki, will once again take the stage this year. He’ll explain why Meraki is about way more than just networking: we’re building a foundation for a simple-to-manage and incredibly secure digital workplace — the workplace of tomorrow. Learn what this means for you and why we’re so passionate about freeing IT pros to focus on what matters to them. Todd will speak on Tuesday, June 11 at 2:00 PM in Room 20CD (upper level).

We’re ready to pack our bags, and we hope you are too. Visit our CLUS website for all the details you need about Meraki at Cisco Live. See you in San Diego!

Learn how to Merakify your network at Cisco Live San Diego

Cisco Live comes to America! Cisco’s largest event is going to be held in San Diego from June 9-13, 2019. Expecting close to 30,000 attendees, the San Diego convention centre will have a stellar lineup of events covering blockchain, AI/ML in the cloud, 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and so much more.

While Cisco Live presents an exciting opportunity to meet our product team and explore our brand new launches, you’d be remiss if you didn’t take full advantage of the breakout sessions featuring our entire product line, APIs and other integrations. All of our sessions help you derive additional value from your Meraki network through intelligent data gathering and increasing operational efficiency. Our hands-on lab sessions will help you experience and deploy a host of Meraki solutions from scratch.

Register for the session on Meraki APIs and learn how you can build programmable cloud networking tools to thoughtfully address your changing customer needs. Interested in how cameras can be used for more than just security? Our session on MV smart cameras highlights how they act as sensors by transforming video data into actionable information.

Learn how to make your network management simpler and more intuitive by registering for our session on Intent-Based Networks (IBN). Be sure to register for our deep dive into Meraki-powered SD-WAN and find out why Meraki MR + Cisco Umbrella is a match made in heaven for wireless threat protection. Do you have a network with both on-cloud and on-prem solutions? Learn how to automate and deploy these securely in our session on hybrid networks.

We also have sessions covering how to set up high density and high capacity networks while maintaining the highest security standards. Our in-house Meraki experts will also demystify cloud-managed security and branch security deployments using our highly flexible MX security appliance.

We recommend that you register to these sessions at the earliest as they are sure to fill up fast. Click here to see the entire list: Meraki sessions at Cisco Live


June 10, Monday

01:00 PM – 02:00 PM: Delivering an Intent-Based Network with Meraki

02:30 PM – 03:30 PM: Cloud Managed Security from the WAN to the Endpoint with Cisco Meraki

04:00 PM – 05:30 PM: Building high capacity networks with Cisco Meraki (MS+MR)

June 11, Tuesday

09:30 AM – 10:30 AM: How to effectively deploy a combined Catalyst and Meraki solution

01:00 PM – 02:00 PM: High-Density Access Networking with Cisco Meraki

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM: Camera as a Sensor for Enterprise, Not Just a Tool for Security

June 12th, Wednesday

01:00 PM – 02:00 PM: Taming Branch Security with Cisco Meraki

04:00 PM – 05:30 PM: Deep Dive into Meraki Powered SD-WAN

June 13th, Thursday

10:30 AM – 12:00 PM: Powerful, programmable cloud networking with Meraki APIs

01:00 PM – 02:30 PM: Meraki integrations with Cisco Security Architecture


June 10, Monday

01:00 PM – 01:45 PM: Network Provisioning, Management, and Monitoring with Meraki Dashboard API

05:00 PM – 05:45 PM: Deploying, Securing, Monitoring, and Managing a Network with Code

June 11, Tuesday

09:00 AM – 09:45 AM: Leveraging Real-time Infrastructure Data Streams with Meraki and Cisco Wireless LAN Controller

10:00 AM – 10:45 AM: Building, Configuring and Deploying WiFi Engagement Captive Portals with Meraki

04:00 PM – 04:45 PM: Efficient Network Monitoring with Webhooks

June 12, Wednesday

05:00 PM – 05:45 PM: Hardening your Network with Code (and APIs)

We look forward to seeing you at Cisco Live San Diego! Subscribe to the Meraki blog and stay up to date with all our new launches and events.

Vuelve Cisco Live! Cancún y Meraki no podia faltar

Cada año el equipo de Cisco Meraki viaja a Cancún para dar a conocer todo lo que se ha venido desarrollando, compartir buenas noticias y vivir las mejores experiencias junto a clientes y partners.

Cisco Live! Cancún 2018, se llevará a cabo del 4 al 7 de diciembre en la Riviera Maya en el Hotel Moon Palace. Se espera la asistencia de 5.000 personas quienes podran conocer todo sobre las soluciones y tendencias del próximo año así como certificaciones en tecnologías de Cisco®

Cisco Live! es el lugar perfecto para descubrir las últimas innovaciones de la compañía de redes más grande del mundo y encontrarse con empresas de diferentes industrias de toda América Latina. También para el equipo de liderazgo de Cisco, es una gran oportunidad para anunciar alianzas y lanzar nuevos productos.

Este año Cisco Meraki volverá a sorprender con sesiones especiales, demos que impactaran a todos y con un equipo de ventas dispuesto ayudar a simplificar tecnología poderosa para poder permitirle a sus clientes concentrarse en el negocio y no en problemas cotidianos de tecnología

Visite una de nuestras demos durante la semana en el Cisco Showcase para aprender cómo simplificar sus redes.

Reinvent the Network

El objetivo de esta demo es proporcionar una visión general del Dashboard de Meraki, para su gestión de redes inalámbricas, switches, seguridad, SD-WAN, gestión de puntos finales y cámaras inteligentes, todo desde un único panel de control

Unlock the Power of Data

¿Buscando lo último y lo mejor de Meraki? Vea nuestra demo en Unlock the Power of Data, que muestra nuestras soluciones y productos más nuevos: Meraki Insight y Wireless Health.

Platform for Digital Business 

Conozca más sobre Meraki SD-WAN. Hoy en día, los departamentos de TI están bajo la presión de hacer más con menos: administre más sitios y más clientes con presupuestos limitados y un equipo relativamente pequeño, todo sin ninguna reducción en la confiabilidad y seguridad.


Con Cisco Meraki, cada cliente tiene acceso directo a nuestro conjunto de API basadas en la nube, lo que facilita su implementación a escala, habilita programas de fidelización con páginas de inicio de WiFi, realiza un seguimiento de la ubicación de los dispositivos WiFi y BLE y crea marcos de análisis que los ayudan tomar decisiones importantes que impulsarán su negocio.

Sesiones y laboratorios

El equipo de Meraki presentará varias sesiones y laboratorios a lo largo del programa Cisco Live. Desde los talleres de DevNet Zone hasta los talleres técnicos y las presentaciones sobre las nuevas soluciones de Meraki y toda la familia de productos, hay algo para todos. Vea la lista completa en nuestra página de sesiones y planifique su asistencia.

#MERAKIMISIONDIGITAL Despega y Descubre el Universo Meraki y gana increíbles premios.

¡Una nueva y divertida forma de encontrar a Meraki en Cisco Live Cancún!

Este año traemos #MerakiMisiónDigital Participe el miércoles, jueves y viernes en dos desafíos únicos para tener la oportunidad de ganar un Echo Dot o el gran premio un Apple Watch.

Para estar más informados sobre #CiscoLiveCancun2018 lo invitamos a seguirnos en Twitter @MerakiLatam donde estaremos publicando todos los detalles del evento y a visitar nuestra página oficial

** Condiciones del Sorteo #MerakiMisiónDigital: Esta rifa solo aplica para partners y clientes Cisco. No se permite más de 1 Echo Dot o Apple Watch por ganador. Los empleados de Cisco no son elegibles a participar



Green is the new Gold

One of the trends of 2015 was the enthusiasm we saw for Meraki t-shirts, especially from participants at the many events we attended. More than just free ‘schwag’, the Meraki t-shirt seems to have a greater appeal, with more than one person telling us it was their favorite tech shirt. The combination of bold green color, modern design, and Meraki brand stands out in a way which has caused complete strangers to stop us in the street to talk about Meraki.

However this is not the whole story, and we will admit to an oversight in last year’s t-shirt inventory planning. We had only a small number of bright green Meraki t-shirts manufactured, with the rest in a patterned grey.


For those not familiar with the technicalities of the Meraki brand, the green shirts were dyed to match the exact Meraki green, known as Pantone 368 U. This bold and vivid colour was thought to be too intense for day–to–day wear, and we only made enough for event staff. The grey variant was picked as our choice of shirt giveaway for the 2015 event season.

As it turns out, we could not have been more wrong in our assumptions about people’s desire for bright Meraki green shirts. The number of people asking to switch their shirt from grey to green became so numerous we lost count, but we did listen and have heard you loud and clear. With that, we are excited to launch the brand new 2016 season Meraki t-shirt, custom dyed Meraki Pantone 368 U green!


Would you like to get your hands on a pure Meraki green t-shirt? If so, then you should put a date in your diary to come visit us at one of the many events we are attending this year. The next opportunity to bag your ‘schwag’ is Cisco Live! Berlin. An extensive team of Merakians will be in attendance for presentations, demonstrations, and meetings. Find out more by reading this blog post.


Bringing Meraki to the heart of Europe

As 2015 comes to a close and the winter weather sets in, the Meraki team have been planning the many exciting events we will be attending next year. One of the big events kicking off the year is Cisco Live! in Berlin.

Along with an extensive presence in the world of solutions, a number of members of the Meraki team will be running sessions throughout the week. This is a fantastic opportunity to hear the latest product updates, get detailed information on feature functionality, and expand your cloud managed networking knowledge. All speaking sessions will be presented by experts from the product marketing team, and in typical Meraki fashion will be in an engaging and interactive style that includes live demonstrations.

If you’re planning on coming to Cisco Live! and would like to attend one of the Meraki sessions, we suggest you sign up as soon as possible to secure a place. Meraki sessions at last years Cisco Live! in Milan were exceptionally popular, with a queue for last minute places. To easily book your spot, visit the Cisco Live! Berlin content catalog page for Meraki here.


Intermediate – Cloud-Managed Mobility with Meraki Wireless and MDM [BRKEWN-2002]

George Bentinck, Solutions Architect

Tuesday, Feb 16, 11:15 a.m.

Session Length: 1 hr 30 min

This session will provide a recap of the Meraki cloud architecture and an in depth look at the latest Meraki WLAN offerings. Accompanying this will be an extensive look at managing mobility in the enterprise, with detailed discussion of mobility security and integration of MDM and EMM into WLAN. The session will be a mixture of slides, demonstrations, and audience interaction.

WiFi meet Beacons meet MDM with Cisco Meraki [BRKEWN-2066]

Simon Tompson,Technical Evangelist

Thursday, Feb 18, 2:30 p.m.

Session Length: 1 hr 30 min

A lot has been happening in the world of Cloud Managed Wireless. Join the Cisco Meraki team to learn about the very latest portfolio developments in the world of 802.11ac WiFi, Location Analytics, BLE Beacons, and integrated MDM policies.


Cloud-Managed Security for Distributed Networks with Cisco Meraki MX [BRKSEC-2055]

Joe Aronow, Product Marketing Manager

Wednesday, Feb 17, 11:30 a.m.

Session Length: 1 hr 30 min

Meraki’s cloud managed networking portfolio includes out-of-the-box centralized management capabilities to help administrators secure distributed networks. This session will provide a product update on the Cisco Meraki MX security appliance with an emphasis on new and existing security features. The session will feature a live demo of key security capabilities such as the new IWAN features, SourceFire IPS/IDS, Malware Protection, and more.

Building Scalable, Flexible Enterprise Architectures with Cisco Meraki [BRKCRS-2101]

Simon Tompson,Technical Evangelist

Friday, Feb 19, 9:00 a.m.

Session Length: 2 hr

The simplicity and flexibility associated with cloud managed networking isn’t limited to small and medium sized organizations. The Cisco Meraki product family helps customers to easily build and maintain scalable, resilient networks containing thousands of devices with enterprise-class performance. During this session we’ll walk through the management tools, features and architectures available across Cisco’s popular cloud managed portfolio of wireless, switching, security and MDM products, demonstrating how customers can scale with confidence.

Cisco Enterprise WLANs: understanding all the solution options and required technology details [TECEWN-2016]

George Bentinck, Solutions Architect, Meraki

Aadil Hassim, SE, Cisco

Gerhard Jaeggle, SE, Cisco

Maren Kostede, Systems Engineer, Cisco

Monday, Feb 15, 9:00 a.m.

Session Length: 8 hr

This technical seminar is a deep dive into the different options that you get for a full Wireless Network design at Cisco. It includes all necessary baseline knowledge to understand 802.11 and WiFi important differences with wired deployments, details and comparisons between Cisco Unified Wireless Network (CUWN), Converged Access, Mobility Express, private-cloud deployments (FlexConnect) and public-cloud based networks (Meraki). We will look at the key building blocks of all solutions, including licensing and management, as well as where it fits best in your network (campus, branch offices, managed services for small enterprises), and compare them with other Wireless LAN vendors’ offerings on the market. We will also be highlighting some key advanced features of the Cisco Wireless solutions, and showcase use cases where each architecture has its own place.