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Wave good bye 2 slow WiFi

On February 9th we announced the launch of the latest access point (AP) to join the Meraki wireless portfolio, the flagship MR42. The MR42 is a 3×3:3 802.11ac Wave 2 AP that ushers in a new era of high performance, more efficient WiFi thanks to  the inclusion of Multi User – Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO).

In addition to this, the MR42 continues our strategy of completely integrated beacon and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) functionality. This sees the MR42 becoming our most technology advanced wireless platform, with four integrated radios and the latest 802.11 wireless standard, yet all in a sleek low profile design.



MU-MIMO allows wireless networks to more efficiently service the increasing numbers of phones, tablets, and other personal mobile devices. MU-MIMO does this by allowing the AP to communicate with multiple devices concurrently, rather than consecutively.

With Single User MIMO (SU-MIMO) the AP can use the multiple spatial streams to send a large amount of data to clients that can receive all these streams. Devices such as laptops could support two or sometimes three streams, allowing for high speed connections. Unfortunately smaller mobile devices like phones can typically support only one stream, and thus can’t take advantage of this capability.

MU-MIMO solves the problem of devices being unable to use all these spatial streams. The AP can use the individual spatial streams to send separate transmissions to distinct clients simultaneously. This increases the total network performance and improves the end user experience, especially when large numbers of devices are connected.

The addition of MU-MIMO complements Single User MIMO (SU-MIMO) rather than replacing it. An AP can choose the best way to transmit: simultaneously to multiple devices as efficiently as possible, or consecutively to individual devices as fast as possible. It is now time to wave goodbye to slow WiFI.

Are you looking for a next generation wireless solution that can future proof your network against the growing demands of your users? Then there is now one clear choice, the cloud managed Meraki MR42 AP. To find out more details you can visit the product page or listen to one of our launch webinar recordings.

New Webinars on the Calendar

The Cisco Meraki team has put together fresh webinar content for both new and existing customers to learn about the latest in Cisco Meraki technology. This material is great for folks who already have a Cisco Meraki deployment as well as those looking to get started with cloud management.

Sign up for one or all of the below at


Getting Started with 802.11ac is a newly added recurring session in which customers can find out what makes the new 802.11ac technology an exciting addition to a network, including innovations that improve security, management, and performance.

Mission: Impossible – One Hour WiFi will show a live 60-minute demo of how to set up an enterprise-grade wireless network with Layer 7 traffic shaping, Active Directory, Facebook login, among other features. Due to high demand, we have opened registration for 2 additional sessions in September.

Government | California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Tomorrow Erik Davis, Network Projects Consultant with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, will share his experiences deploying Cisco Meraki APs, switches, security appliances, and mobile device management across a variety of sites throughout California, from urban areas to office settings to remote wilderness sites.

Healthcare | Kindred Healthcare

Todd Crawford, Network and Voice Services Director at Kindred Healthcare, will share how Kindred takes advantage of Cisco Meraki multi-site remote cloud management, auto VPN, WAN optimization, smart link bonding, and HIPAA-compliance to improve performance across Kindred’s distributed healthcare network.

Retail | Lettuce Entertain You

Hugo Hernandez, Support Engineer at Lettuce Entertain You, deployed Cisco Meraki APs to over 90 restaurants for guest access and Auto VPN for corporate resources, using remote management, Layer 7 application visibility, and built-in PCI-compliance to allow for easier and better control of the network.

Noteworthy webinars below:

  • Tue, August 27th at 11am PDT: Creating a Scalable Network with the CA Dept of Fish & Wildlife
  • Tue, September 3rd at 8am PDT: Mission: Impossible – One Hour WiFi
  • Thu, September 5th at 9am PDT: Mission: Impossible – One Hour WiFi
  • Thu, September 12th at 9am PDT: Cloud Managed Security at Kindred Healthcare
  • Thu, September 17th at 11am PDT: PCI-compliant WiFi at Lettuce Entertain You
  • Wed, September 18th at 10am PDT: Reliable and Seamless Network Access at Falcon School District
  • Wed, September 18th at 11am PDT: Getting Started with 802.11ac
  • Thu, September 26 at 10am PDT: LHC Group: Providing Cloud Managed Wireless to Hospice Homes
  • Thu, September 26 at 11am PDT: Creating a City-Wide Network Infrastructure in Rowan County, NC

We’re adding additional webinars to the calendar every week, so hurry over to to sign up for one or all of the sessions!