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Setup Trail

Setup Trail

Getting Started


Welcome to the Setup Guide, and thank you for selecting Cisco Meraki as your technology-of-choice for delivering managed services to customers. With our award-winning cloud architecture, ease of management, and highly scalable solutions, Meraki is a natural fit for any organization looking to offer enterprise services to businesses ranging from SMBs to Fortune 100s.

The information in this guide is intended to provide an understanding of many of the operational considerations that will allow for a more efficient, and profitable managed service practice.


Becoming a Meraki Partner

If not already a Meraki partner, please register on the Partner Portal to gain access to additional Meraki-specific resources and collateral. You will first need to be a Cisco Registered Partner before completing the registration, and placing orders.


Dashboard Meraki’s cloud managed, browser-based platform used by a managed service provider, and/or by the end customer, to configure, deploy, and maintain their Meraki solutions.
MSP Portal Within Dashboard, the MSP Portal view allows a managed service provider to monitor and manage multiple Meraki dashboard organizations (i.e., multiple MSP customers) in one centralized view.
Network Contain Cisco Meraki devices, their configurations, statistics, and any client-device information.
Organization A collection of one or more networks that are all part of a single organizational entity, such as a company or school district. 
Organization administrator(s) Dashboard users that have full administrative access to a Meraki dashboard organization, including all networks
Network administrator(s) Dashboard users that have full administrative access to a network.
Licensing A per-device subscription that allows for each Meraki device to be managed via the Meraki cloud, receive software updates, and technical support.


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