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Component issue replacements

Customers with units impacted by the clock signal component issue we communicated recently should note that only devices that have been claimed into dashboard inventory can be replaced.

Claiming Devices
When adding a new device to the dashboard, it will first need to be claimed. This will add the device to the organization’s inventory so that it becomes elligible for replacement. The claim process can be initiated from any page where devices are added, such as Configure > Add devices, or from the Organization > Inventory page.

Here are the steps required to claim devices:

1. Click ‘Claim’


2.  Enter the serial number of the device(s), or the Cisco Meraki order number(s); one per line. (Note: if an order has been partially claimed, please input the serial number of the device(s) that remain to be claimed.)


3. Click ‘Claim’


4. A green box indicating “Changes saved” will appear above and the devices will be added to the list of available devices.


Note: If an error message appears indicating “some of the devices you tried claiming are in use”, verify that the device isn’t already active in this organization, or another one. If it is in another organization, it will need to be removed.

Once replacements are available, customers will be notified by a banner in their dashboard. When this banner appears, please complete the shipping information under Help/Replacement Info to receive replacement units.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by this component issue and thank you for your continued business with Cisco Meraki.