Cisco Meraki’s ecosystem tech partners took center stage at HIMSS 2023, where customers, partners, and other vendors were all abuzz about the latest tech innovations.

From patient engagement and data-driven workflows to operational transformation and industry-leading security, our tech partners are helping lead the way for a more connected, secure, and resilient future in healthcare. 

Solving healthcare challenges 

Many customer challenges can be solved by Meraki ecosystem partners and their turnkey solutions for healthcare. Using Meraki APIs and partners featured in the Meraki Marketplace, customers can deliver safer spaces, secure access, and much more.

During HIMSS, several ecosystem partners highlighted the extensibility of their solutions, including:

  • Ordr makes it easy to secure every connected device across your network. At HIMSS, they presented a practical approach to zero trust, where attendees learned from the CIO of Dayton Children’s Hospital about their zero-trust journey.
  • Armis creates a detailed inventory of every device on your network using your existing Meraki infrastructure. They showcased how cloud-to-cloud integrations give customers greater visibility into the devices and software on their network, connections between devices, and services being used. At HIMSS, Armis also announced their top ten riskiest devices in healthcare.
  • ServiceNow makes healthcare work for everyone by connecting teams, streamlining processes, and securely integrating systems to change lives for the better. At HIMSS, the team hosted a lunch-and-learn on investing in digital operations to reduce costs, a showcase session on interoperability, and a discussion on streamlining medical device management.

“Meraki has cracked the code for extending its platform value with an effective partner ecosystem. Customers can combine solutions like AiRISTA’s patient location tracking with Cogniac’s computer vision to solve the healthcare industry’s most challenging problems. Cogniac tools allowed us to be self-sufficient, and we created the integration in only hours.”

Vince Grove, AiRISTA Flow, VP Marketing

In learning more from our tech partners, the audience gained insight into how to build a flexible and distributed network infrastructure—one that can scale up and down as needed—and they took away the knowledge of how to be at the center of all digital transformation efforts.

Boost your network with ecosystem partners

Insight into the physical world drives decision-making and innovation. Using Meraki smart cameras and environmental sensors—while leveraging the various technologies from our ecosystem partners—can aid in remote patient monitoring, PPE compliance, detecting aggressive behavior, or slip-and-fall prevention.

As healthcare organizations navigate the evolving landscape of healthcare IT and strive to deliver safer, more efficient patient-centric care, the Meraki team and its ecosystem partners are happy to be a resource that moves them well into the future.

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