Customers are asking for new ways to interact with the products and services they use, the organizations they rely on, and the brands they love. Businesses are responding by opening highly connected locations, boutique showroom stores, and service centers built around immersive digital experiences. The limiting factor for most locations is access to fast, reliable, always-on connectivity. 

A new way to connect innovative experiences

To help our customers deliver these new experiences, Cisco Meraki is pleased to introduce its first-ever 5G cellular gateways, the MG51 and MG51E. With these devices, branch-based businesses can take advantage of next-generation 5G fixed wireless access for high-performance connectivity, instant provisioning, and simple, sophisticated site management. Powered by the Meraki platform, the MG51 and MG51E provide businesses with a fast, low-latency 5G connection that is also highly resilient and scalable no matter the location.

Faster time-to-market by connecting branches quickly

Businesses want to launch new sites quickly while also providing customers with exceptional experiences. Because new wired connections can take weeks to install, and wired troubleshooting can require complex and time-consuming rewiring, wireless is often the best solution.

For businesses in retail, food services, healthcare, manufacturing and supply chain, and even government agencies like those in public safety, the MG51 and MG51E, combined with the power of the Meraki platform, enable greater agility for branch expansions by providing seamless network management from a single dashboard, whether you’re managing ten or 10,000 locations. This ability to manage large deployments at scale is a differentiator that can be leveraged to expand into new markets.

Reliably execute mission-critical services with priority connectivity

One of the hallmarks of 5G cellular WAN is that it offers greater resiliency than wired connections. This is particularly relevant for organizations that serve the general welfare of the community, such as public safety agencies. Whereas a failed wired line due to digging and construction can require weeks of on-site repairs, the MG51 and MG51E simply grab a signal from the next closest tower when one goes down.

Because the MG51 and MG51E are designed to be deployed anywhere—even outdoors and in harsh climates—they can establish direct line-of-sight to cellular towers for maximum performance. That’s one of many reasons why Meraki cellular is trusted by AT&T FirstNet to help public safety agencies serve communities and perform critical, lifesaving activities with connected first responders everywhere.

Elevating businesses everywhere

5G fixed wireless access, when connected through the Meraki platform, can unlock a plethora of new capabilities that elevate the way branch-based businesses serve their customers. With same-day connectivity, the flexibility to be deployed anywhere, and robust, reliable performance, the MG51 and MG51E give IT teams greater agility to drive the business forward and respond to emerging market dynamics faster. 

Try the MG51 and MG51E for yourself and see how branch-based businesses can scale faster and deliver rich experiences for their customers with Meraki.