This article was contributed by Mpro5 , a Meraki technology partner.

The pandemic has reduced the overall demand for office space, whichs has squeezed the already highly competitive facilities management industry. It may seem trite, but facilities management (FM) companies and facilities owners need to find new ways to deliver “more for less” in a tighter market that also expects higher standards of cleaning and maintenance, as this is now seen as a safety issue. 

Smart spaces or smart buildings can resolve these problems and more, offering the chance for increased productivity, reduced costs, and unique possibilities, including dynamic cleaning and maintenance based on organically captured data.

An Internet of Things (IoT) network can inform FM teams with data gathered from sensors, updating them in real time on everything from the number of people in a particular room to the condition of any asset on the site. 

Here are four ways that smart spaces can enhance facilities services:

Enhanced service

Making sites “smart” empowers teams to rapidly resolve problems and faults. Call buttons, for example, are a versatile and useful addition to any IoT network that provides a direct connection between end customers and maintenance or cleaning teams. 

With a smart analytics platform in place, alert suppression means that only one alert will be sent until a team confirms they have completed the job, removing the problem of buttons being repeatedly pressed for the same issue.

Ensure compliance and intelligent maintenance

Making the assets on a site smart with IoT sensors makes maintenance and compliance easier to plan and execute while further minimizing disruption for clients. IoT sensors can also manage individual assets in the HVAC system as well as alert maintenance teams when a fault has occurred or is about to. 

Provide assurance and win new business 

It’s the data you collect from smart spaces that makes it such a compelling investment. It can be shown to clients to demonstrate the increasing effectiveness of teams as they become more agile and reactive, meet SLAs, reduce response times, and improve routines.

Clients not only appreciate the transparency this provides, but they are also assured that their workspaces are safe, well-maintained, and frictionless for users.  

These dashboards are a highly effective new business tool, demonstrating to potential customers that an FM provider is at the cutting edge of truly outstanding and cost-effective service. 
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