Lately when talking to customers, I’m hearing a dominant theme emerge. IT teams are continually pushed by the business to do new things in new ways, to deliver new experiences for employees and customers. But for even the most sophisticated teams, they feel like they’re flying blind. 

Sound familiar? Even when teams have the capacity, the know-how, and the full support of their organizations, these networking all-stars are operating with some serious blind spots. They don’t have enough context to properly diagnose and remediate issues, and when it comes to planning for future improvements, there’s no clear road map or data to guide them. The path forward might as well say, “here be dragons.” 

At Cisco Meraki, we see an opportunity to remove these blinders and build more intelligent, data-defined networks that give CIOs the power to quickly adapt to change, rapidly accelerate growth, and effectively plan for the future. We’re transforming the data we capture from over 23 billion weekly interactions across the Meraki platform into meaningful context and trusted recommendations for our customers. 

Today, I’m excited to introduce three new AI- and data-powered Meraki Health capabilities that will help our customers proactively troubleshoot their networks, automate end-to-end network operations, and start using hard data to plan for the future of their architectures. These powerful new tools are available in beta today.

Exclusive partnership with Apple

Through an exclusive partnership between Cisco and Apple, Meraki networks can now use unique device-level details to identify connection problems, quantify the impact, and highlight the root cause, all to keep hybrid workplaces running smoothly. This level of detail provides unmatched visibility into the full timeline of connectivity issues and helps pinpoint device-specific challenges quickly and easily. 

Automated root cause analysis

Combining deep insight into issues impacting your network with rich context about how those issues are affecting performance, the new Meraki root cause analysis augments our existing Smart Thresholds to help admins identify, remediate, and prevent network issues at scale. Within the timeline view of the Meraki dashboard, you’ll see detailed impact, evidence, and recommended actions to address everything from sticky client and coverage hole identification to specific performance gaps in SaaS web applications.

Recommendations based on networks like yours 

Finally, we’re giving network architects objective, data-driven recommendations for ways to improve performance and capacity based on observations derived from over 3.4M unique networks on the Meraki platform. From Wi-Fi 6 readiness to specific broadcast optimizations, these recommendations have the potential to help customers reduce latency by 40% or more.

Current Meraki customers can access the Meraki Health beta today by contacting your account teams. Looking to get started building your own data-driven network? Sign up for a demo of the Meraki platform or register for the upcoming Meraki Quarterly.