Over the last several years, it has become clear that organizations that know how to unlock the power of data have exceeded expectations. While large amounts of data can be valuable, whether one can manage and leverage the data effectively is another story. Digital tags enable transformation of an analog physical world into a digital one, which introduces many benefits.

Replacing paper price tags and labels with digital ones opens up various ways to improve profitability for many industries. For retailers, synchronized and optimized pricing, enhanced in-store efficiency, improved customer marketing experiences, and better on-shelf availability can help improve margins. Manufacturing sites can improve production and logistics processes by replacing physical labels and the transportation industry can provide digital signage with relevant travel or seating information. Workplaces can leverage digital signs to provide information to designate when meeting rooms are available.

Digital tags from the cloud

Starting today, your team can enable a secure cloud-managed digital tagging solution by leveraging existing Meraki infrastructure. This solution helps organizations improve efficiencies, automate tasks, and enhance shopping experiences without additional complex hardware.

We are excited to release this functionality, following the announcement of a partnership between SES-imagotag and Cisco Meraki. This new addition is powered by the Meraki platform, which hosts over 150 apps and ecosystem partners, enabling organizations to deliver differentiated business outcomes.

Meraki + SES-imagotag

Many current digital tag and electronic shelf label solutions have complexities, such as PoE requirements, add-on antennas, and servers that may limit the speed and ease of deployment. By leveraging a Meraki wireless access point and built-in IoT radio, architects can deploy digital tags much faster, without the need for additional hardware, and can manage everything remotely via the cloud.

“Our new solution with SES-imagotag will streamline deployment and management of digital smart labels. By bringing in this integrated offering, organizations will benefit from our joint expertise and reuse of their wireless infrastructure. As the market leader of cloud-managed Wi-Fi, we look forward to partnering with SES-imagotag, the market leader of digital smart labels and pricing automation, to transform physical locations seamlessly and securely.”

Matthew Landry, Senior Director of Product Management, Cisco Meraki

The integration can now be enabled within the Meraki dashboard, allowing configuration of Meraki access points and full management of the digital tags via the SES-imagotag VUSION cloud-based IoT management solution. The VUSION Retail IoT Cloud platform provides a secure and reliable cloud platform to integrate label images, track end-to-end operation, integrate data from various sources, control label flashing, and more.

To learn more about Meraki wireless and digital tags, take a look at our recent Cisco Live session and/or contact our sales team.