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The Next Generation Meraki Mobile Experience

The Meraki App gets a makeover!

One of the fundamental tenets of a cloud offering is the ability to access the cloud from anywhere, at any time. When you put network management in the cloud, like Meraki has, the benefits of “anywhere, anytime” become even more apparent. From deploying new gear, to troubleshooting an offline MX Security Appliance, to applying group policies –  being able to solve problems on the network anywhere, anytime has helped our customers respond quicker, and be more effective at their jobs. Enabling remote admins has been especially critical as we navigate through these difficult times! 

But there’s been a catch: while you can manage Meraki from anywhere, your choices have been to use your laptop/desktop, or to access the dashboard from a mobile browser (or a previous version of our initial, more limited Meraki app). Most prefer to dive into the dashboard from a fullscreen, high resolution, computer or laptop experience. However, we’ve pulled the data and we see about 200,000 page views coming from mobile devices per week. This tells us that at some point, you’re likely to pull out your phone to try to fix or check something on the network. We believe you deserve a best in class mobile experience for that!

We have focused on building out new features that simplify work streams and tasks for the majority of our customers. We are happy to announce that we have an updated beta experience for customers and partners to start using today for iOS and Android!

Gif of Meraki Dashboard app

We are really excited for folks to try these new features and experience, including:

  • A complete UX / navigation redesign
  • Biometric authentication (Face ID, Touch ID)
  • Easily update switch port configurations

Call for Feedback

We’re looking for feedback on the updated experience and ideas for future features. If you have a specific use case you are hoping to be able to handle from your mobile device, or a feature that’s missing that would unlock a new workflow for you, let us know! 

Please submit a wish from directly in the app via Settings >  Make a wish. We really do read each and every one!