If you’re like us, you’re stuck at home and looking for ways to mix up your remote work routine. Now that you’re no longer commuting, are you giving your podcasts less love/listens? There are so many great discussions to catch up on – including this week’s newest episode! (Find us and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify, or stream through the episode linked below.)

Tuning in this week is sure to help in the following ways:

  • Simulate the ambient workplace banter you’re missing these days
  • Give your eyes a chance to recover from all the screen time
  • Give you some insight into how others are using Meraki APIs to add value and new experiences to the Meraki platform! 

In this week’s Meraki Unboxed Podcast, Episode 12 we’re talking with yet another technology partner that has built a turnkey solution on top of the Meraki API services: Splash Access. Splash Access has been building Cisco Meraki captive portals for almost 7 years – taking advantage of our longest standing API service for captive portal development.

We’ve all interacted with a captive portal in some form or another (guest Wi-Fi at the airport, hotels, coffee shops, or our corporate networks) and we might feel like we’ve heard it all already: how to use captive portals to monetize Wi-Fi, drive customer engagement programs, use splash pages for advertising or even integrating social media initiatives, etc. etc. Splash Access has a new story to tell on this episode: solving the problem of seamlessly and securely getting IoT devices onto the network, with the right policies and rules applied. 

So, how did a captive portal builder solve onboarding for devices that cannot access a captive portal? Tune in to learn how Splash Access used Cisco Meraki APIs to solve this problem from higher education to shared working spaces, retail, tenant blocks, and within large corporations.

As always, we are thrilled to showcase innovative solutions like this from our technology partners – enabled through the Meraki APIs. There is so much potential to unlock by integrating and building off of Meraki technologies – we’re excited to see what Splash Access and others come up with next! Listen in for a teaser 😉

“We try and take advantage of all the APIs that we are given. This is the exciting thing with working with Meraki – every month there’s new APIs coming onboard, and we look at it as an opportunity every time an API comes out – how can we add this value to what we’re doing and put it into our platform?” – Tim Ormrod, Splash Access


Learn more about the Splash Access solution on the Meraki Marketplace!