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2020: The Year to Master Meraki APIs

Refresh or master your programming skills in 2020 with these new API webinars

Ready or not, 2020 has begun and folks are trickling back into the office / building / campus. We know there are a number of tasks on your list for the upcoming year, and if digging into Meraki API services is on that list, here are a few reasons to bump that up near the top:

1. APIs help you automate everything, saving time and brainpower for other things. 

Meraki APIs make it possible to automate much of what you do in the dashboard, giving you more time to focus on other things in your network (or life!).

2. An API-first strategy (at Meraki) means more resources (for you!), making it easier to get started and/or master your practice. 

Meraki is doubling down on its investment in its API services, and that means continued development of training resources (learning labs, GitHub and Postman collections, live DevNet Express training events, etc.), full code libraries, a thriving user community for peer-to-peer support, and a growing collection of live and on-demand webinars

3. Programming skills will help expand your networking toolset and strengthen your career.

The demand is growing for programming skills in network engineering roles, along with the opportunities and requirements to use APIs for automation, advanced reporting/auditing, and application development on top of networking technologies. Meraki and Cisco DevNet have partnered up to provide the resources you need to add programing skills to your networking toolset. On that note, you might also consider joining us at Cisco DevNet Create this March – early bird registration is open through January 24th, 2020!

To help you get started, here are two upcoming webinars that both beginners and advanced programmers will enjoy. If you can’t make the live broadcast, feel free to follow the same links below for on-demand viewing after the event. 

Webinar 1: Programming in Python: An updated SDK for the Meraki Dashboard API

Date: Jan 8th 11AM PST/2PM EST

Join us in this session as we unpack the updated Python SDK (Software Development Kit). Learn how simply and easily use the Python SDK to make Dashboard API calls, handle errors and exceptions, easily access and export logs for troubleshooting, and collect meaningful data. 

Webinar 2: Drag and Drop Programming with Meraki and Node-RED

Date: Jan 14th at 11AM PST/2PM EST

Join us in this session to learn about Node-Red, a tool for taking the work out of programming with the Meraki Dashboard API. Node-Red is a dream come true for both experienced and first-time/recently refreshed programmers, allowing you to offload scripting boilerplate code around commands and link tasks together in an intuitive, flexible format.

We hope to see you in these webinars, at DevNet Create, the Meraki Community, and the Developer Hub soon!