These days, network security has become increasingly complex and difficult to manage. IT teams are stretched to the limit securing users, devices, and applications. With more and more users bringing their personal devices to work, the steady adoption of IoT devices and the changing nature of businesses, network security and access policy are only going to get more complicated.

Generally, enterprise-grade hardware comes with enterprise-grade complexity. Configuring multiple solutions is time-consuming, challenging and error-prone. IT teams have to wrestle with multiple vendors, technologies and implementation consultants to get even the most basic access and security policies deployed. This leaves their networks exposed to vulnerabilities and filled with rigid, sub-optimal, and expensive hardware.

But with Cisco Meraki, IT teams no longer have to compromise.

IT teams can now combine the simplicity of the Meraki dashboard with the power of Cisco technology. Introducing the MS390, the most powerful Meraki access switch to date, which enables IT teams to deploy sophisticated access and security policies with ease.

MS390 features a stacking bandwidth of 480Gbps, improved physical stacking, StackPower, modular uplinks, and comes in both non-PoE & PoE capable models. Improved physical stacking provides faster convergence in case of failover and also offers higher stacking bandwidth. StackPower helps save costs through efficient power distribution and provides additional redundancy if needed. Modular uplinks provide hardware flexibility to address the changing demands of your network.

The MS390 is the only Meraki switch that integrates innovative Cisco switching technology which allow for the development of advanced features like Adaptive Policy. Adaptive Policy enables IT admins to segment user traffic on the network and apply access or security policies seamlessly. Since these policies are based on “intent” rather than cryptic IP-address based Access Control Lists, they are dynamic, error-free and adapt as new users join the network.

The Cisco technology on the MS390 makes Adaptive Policy and other advanced features possible, which makes the switch ideal for critical deployments across any organization with a need for advanced performance and easier user traffic management through segmentation.

To learn more about the MS390, take a look at the datasheet or sign-up for our live webinar on Meraki switches.