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Stop, you had me at “dashboard.”

So why are you still talking about APIs?

Whether you’ve just started looking at Cisco Meraki, or you’ve been a partner or customer for years, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Meraki dashboard: our one stop, full-featured, out of the box, auto-provisioning, simple-to-use interface for managing our cloud IT products.  

With everything the dashboard has to offer, why wouldn’t we simply stop there? Why are we amping up our outreach about APIs services and the programmability of the Meraki cloud platform? Why are we focusing on developer resources and making our APIs simple and easy to use? Why are you seeing API-talk in the Community, hearing it on our podcast, and finding it featured at events?

Whether or not it’s on your radar today, our APIs could matter to your business. While many of our customers live happy, fulfilled lives without ever getting under the hood with these services, we’re seeing a sharp increase in the number of users (at all sizes of organizations) who turn to the Meraki cloud platform and APIs to solve significant business needs, including:

 – Further automating network tasks (who wouldn’t like to offload as much tedium as possible?)

 – Deploying Meraki networks in tight timelines

 – Integrating third party technologies 

 – Pulling advanced reporting out of the Meraki platform for auditing 

As our customers are increasingly tasked with MORE – integrating more, automating more, reporting more, surfacing more – we’re committed to helping more. By extending the cloud platform through our API services, we’re making dashboard experiences and data easier to automate, leverage, and tailor to your business needs. Plus, to better support developers at all levels, we’re dedicated to making the use of APIs a painless experience by providing clarity in our framework, sample code, and other resources (even drag and drop programming tools!) to help. We’re hoping the APIs will have your back when a business need or operational imperative emerges that a bit of coding can solve! 

If you’re new to programming with APIs, join us in this on-demand webinar to learn more about what the API services entail, how others are using them, and what resources are available to help beginners get started.