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Less presenting, more DOING at Cisco Smart Spaces Summit

Product managers, partners, and customers build creative, cloud-native solutions for better office experiences

This September in Richardson, TX, Cisco Product Managers, partners, and customers gathered to do more than talk about “what’s possible” with Cisco technologies: they brainstormed and executed code sprints across Cisco technologies to build better workplace experiences and business outcomes. 

This event was staged in three tracks; a Business Summit, Hackathon and Customer Summit. The Business Summit incorporated a Google Design Sprint fused with a Double Diamond Design Process. Teams from the Business Summit presented their strategic use cases at the Hackathon, kicking off the code creation and sprint cycles for their new solutions. Each new solution was then demoed at the Customer Summit, where enterprise customers also got to hear Cisco’s Workplace Transformation vision in presentations from Cisco Workplace Resources Team and Cisco IT. 

Our API product team was thrilled to facilitate and witness the engagement and excitement in this workshop, alongside other Cisco product teams!

“It’s amazing to see how fast even an entry-level developer can take an idea, pair it with cloud APIs and have a prototype built sometimes within minutes – it really validates our commitment to making Meraki APIs easy to use, allowing partners and customers the flexibility to enrich their workflows and workplace applications.” – API Product Manager, Tony Carmichael

“We just made Cisco history and a Cisco first! This was and outcome-based event focusing on Workplace Transformation and it was great having other Cisco BU’s like Meraki involved to stress the importance of cross architectures.” – Josh Reola, Business Development Manager, Webex Innovations 

A project team presents a strategic use case to Cisco leadership, including Amy Chang, EVP and General Manager, Cisco Collaboration

Some favorite example solutions from this week include:

Office Environments and Meeting Experiences:

Space Use

This solution used Meraki location and presence analytics to measure space use, capacity, and allocation / desk placement to report on employee productivity and space efficiency. IBM Watson AI was then integrated to process this data and make recommendations on how to better use office environments. 

Executive Greeting

This solution used the Meraki location API, WebEx API, Joan (e-ink signage), and the Phunware location & mobile SDK to automatically detect an executive, greet them via digital Joan signage, direct them to the meeting room, welcome them to the room, and auto-start their scheduled meeting. 

In Meeting Assistant 

In this solution, Meraki cameras were used during the meeting to identify attendee location in the room and suggest attendees move closer to the microphone (when appropriate) for a better experience.

This event further illustrates how easy it is to leverage Cisco Meraki technologies to build creative solutions for your office environment or customer workplaces:

“Some of the solutions being built here today are ingenious – super practical solutions for common situations that we just never imagined when building out these API endpoints. It’s so cool to see how people can creatively use these tools to address problems with easy, smart solutions, and I wish we had some of these ideas implemented at our office already!” – Shiyue Cheng, Solutions Architect, Meraki APIs

“Thank you and it was a pleasure for us all being there – we learnt so much in the few days and delivered a great deal. Fantastic event – well organized, amazing and great location.”  – Andrew Barnes, IBM Watson Internet of Things

“One of the most worthwhile events I’ve been to in a while. I discovered new capabilities of Cisco and ISVs [Independent Software Vendors] that I will immediately start using in our projects.”  – Jonathan McFarlane, Director and Co-founder, ACA Projects 

Check out the video from this event to hear more!

To get started building (or leverage what others have built!) check out the Meraki Developer Hub for full code libraries, sandboxed environments for testing, and real examples of pre-built solutions