APIs and “the open network” are at the core of the Cisco Meraki strategy to enable easy customization and automation on top of our cloud platform. Over the last few years, we’ve invested heavily into an “API first” development strategy to provide more access to features in the Meraki dashboard and powerful third party integrations through our API services.

We firmly believe that by enabling easy integration with the network, customers and developers can quickly address issues and thoughtfully respond to changing needs in their environments. We have seen a corresponding increase in our customer and partner engagement with these services — today, we see over 75,000 active API users and 30 million daily API requests to our cloud services platform!

As part of these efforts, we have some big news for anyone looking to develop with the Meraki platform. We are excited to announce that Meraki is launching full support for the OpenAPI Specification! We’re confident that this recognized industry standard for describing APIs will make it even easier to leverage Meraki’s APIs by allowing developers to:

 – Annotate any endpoint right in the code

 – Automatically produce in-sync documentation

 – Auto-build client libraries in any programming language

Additionally, we have partnered with Cisco DevNet to release a new and improved Meraki Developer Hub and Meraki Marketplace. For those looking to trial, purchase, or build with the Meraki platform, these immersive and demo-rich sites provide a suite of resources.



To build, the Meraki Developer Hub offers:

  – Interactive, try-it-now API documentation

 – Code libraries (SDKs) for Python, Ruby, and Node.js

 – Updates on new endpoints and virtual labs

 – An always-on sandbox

 – Upcoming events, webinars, and many other resources

To buy or trial Solutions, the Meraki Marketplace offers:

 – Easily searchable, turnkey solutions

 – Full, risk-free trials of any solution

 – Sandboxed environments for quick experimentation before purchase

Finally, we are happy to announce some of our latest platform integrations, including:

PagerDuty: Helping our customers get Meraki alerts into the right hands so staff can respond quickly and effectively

Ansible: Network automation modules for Meraki

OneLogin: Enabling Secure single sign-on (SSO) and authentication to Meraki services

We are really excited to see how our partners and customers will continue to innovate on this platform. Come join us at our next API-focused webinar to learn more and see examples of API solutions demoed live!