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The power to expand

Introducing a new Terabit-class aggregation switch to help scale new networks

Back in November 2018, we announced a new family of access layer switches with multigigabit ports. With Wi-Fi 6 (or 802.11ax) access points arriving this year, multigigabit is no longer a luxury: connecting one of these blazing fast APs to a regular switch would mean creating a bottleneck and compromising the end user experience.

Adding capacity in one part of the network has the potential to create a ripple effect, uncovering limitations elsewhere, so to help address this, we’re introducing our fastest ever switch, built for the aggregation layer, where performance and stability are everything.

The MS450-12 is a veritable beast of a switch, with a total switching capacity in excess of 1.3Tb/s! You read that right; that’s terabits per second, an increase of 70% over our previous generation! Up to 12 high-performance access layer switches can be connected, and then to ensure no loss of that capacity in a large scale three-layer network, there are two QSFP28 ports, each capable of 100Gb/s. Those same ports also provide versatile options for connecting demanding datacenter equipment. Finally, around the back, there are dedicated stacking ports and the switch provides a generous 400Gb/s of stacking capacity.

When combined with the latest wireless access points and multigigabit switches, there’s no question that Meraki is delivering the next generation of local area network, ready for whatever comes next. To learn more about Meraki switching, please sign-up for one of our other informative webinars. We’ve got lots to show you!