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Building the College Campus of the Future

Digital transformation at Pfeiffer University brings student learning into the 21st century

When Dr. Ken Russell joined the Pfeiffer University team as VP of Digital Transformation, his goal was clear: provide 21st century learning opportunities to all Pfeiffer students. The first order of business for the Digital Transformation and Technology (DTT) team was to replace Pfeiffer’s aging network infrastructure. After attending a Meraki webinar, Dr. Russell and the DTT team knew just what to do. The advanced and reliable technology, robust troubleshooting capabilities, and easy-to-use dashboard helped them decide on Meraki access points, switches, and security appliances.


“We wanted something that was built for the future: something we could easily implement and maintain. The fact that the Meraki dashboard can tell us where things are going great, where things might have some trouble, was perfect.” — Dr. Ken Russell, VP of Digital Transformation and CIO


With high-density access points deployed across Pfeiffer University’s campuses, students and faculty can seamlessly access online learning resources. Meanwhile, rich network usage statistics, traffic analytics, and heatmaps are all available in the dashboard, providing the DTT team with valuable student and client data. Using the remote troubleshooting and management features on all Meraki products has been extremely simple. Scott Perry, Operations Manager for the DTT, shared that the team is “thankful” to have Meraki: “We’re able to log into the dashboard and see everything in one spot. You can make changes on the fly, whereas with our old technology we had no centralized management.”


To learn more about Pfeiffer University’s Meraki deployment and how the university is supporting student success, read the full case study and watch a video featuring Dr. Russell and the DTT team. If you’re interested in attending a Meraki for Higher Education webinar, register here.