In  January we announced an exciting new wireless assurance feature: Meraki Wireless Health. At its core, Wireless Health is a powerful heuristics engine that rapidly identifies anomalies impacting end users’ experience across every stage of client connectivity — association, authentication, IP addressing, and DNS availability — for rapid root cause analysis and response.

Using Wireless Health, an IT administrator can immediately see whether users are (or aren’t) able to successfully access the wireless network and can easily identify problematic access points, clients, and failing connection stages that are causing a poor end user experience.

Network-wide failures across each stage of client connectivity can be viewed, allowing rapid root cause identification of poor network performance.


This visibility across all access points (APs) in a given network is critical for rapidly identifying and fixing problems, and successful issue resolution means a successful end user experience. As more organizations look to their wireless infrastructure to glean insights and deliver differentiating services, they can ill afford lengthy, inopportune downtime or latency. 

It’s within this context that we’re thrilled to announce that Meraki Wireless Health is now available to all of our MR customers — at no additional cost or charge — as a generally available beta feature. To access Wireless Health, simply navigate to Wireless > Wireless health in the Meraki dashboard.


Wireless Health measures packet latency by traffic type, highlighting any performance degradation.


We’d also encourage you to take a quick peek at our live demo video for how to use this new feature or dive deep with our Wireless Health whitepaper.

As this is still a beta feature, we are especially keen to hear from you, our customers, on what additional functionality you’d like to see built into this tool, what’s working for you and what’s not, and what your overall experience has been like. If you use Wireless Health to solve a problem, we’d love to hear your story — we love hearing from you!