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Switch Port Indicators Get an Upgrade

Improving visibility into your network

You may have noticed a few changes with switch port status icons in the dashboard recently. Our switch team has modified switch port state indicators to better convey the health of your network.

We’ve recategorized errors to show their severity and added packet error monitoring. Overall, there are no changes to the way you do things or workflow.

A fully operational switch port will register all green, just like you’re used to:


A red status icon has been added to highlight major problems with your switch port, such as PoE overload and high amounts of packet errors.


Switch ports with downshifted speed, PoE denied, authentication failures, and moderate amounts of packet errors will register as an alert (amber) icon.


STP discarding and LACP have moved out of the alert status icon and received their own blocking status icons:


For a full list of changes applied to the switch port state icons, please visit our documentation page: Switch Port Indicators