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Hindsight is 20/20

MV Motion Search allows users to easily find critical events without ever touching the fast forward button

Anyone who’s had something stolen from their office knows that losing the laptop is only half of the annoyance. After a break-in, traditional video surveillance solutions only add insult to injury, requiring complicated software tools for retrieving video from a recording device (such as an network video record, or NVR for short). All too often, administrators have to export days, or even weeks of footage, and rely on the fast forward button and a strong cup of coffee to spot the incident. This experience that many of our customers have endured highlights the underlying problem with video surveillance solutions: security cameras are only useful if you can find what you’re looking for.

Enter, Meraki MV cameras. MV features a tool called Motion Search, which allows users to retroactively select key areas of a video feed and returns motion events that happened in that area. See how quick and powerful Motion Search is:

We’re incredibly excited to get MV into more people’s hands to hopefully decrease the pain associated not just with loss prevention, but also process control, as well as many other applications yet to be explored. Losing a laptop is bad enough — finding out who did it should be easy.

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