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Taking Network Topology to the Next Level

Announcing new features to get the most out of your network topology

Here at Meraki, an exciting challenge arose with the addition of our sixth product category: MV Security Cameras. Customer topologies were starting to quickly outgrow what the page was originally designed to handle, so our engineering team decided to add a handy new feature by providing the option to expand and collapse the topology by level or product type. This makes the tool even more user friendly, and lets our users focus on a specific part of their infrastructure.

For example, switches are the fabric connecting the rest of a network together, so it makes sense to occasionally narrow a network topology to just the switch level:


With the addition of this new feature, we have also taken topology out of beta status, making the feature generally available for everyone. We hope you find this new option useful, and as always we’d love to hear from you so make a wish!