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Meraki is now on Medium

A new platform for new types of content


As of today, we now have a second blog, hosted on Check it out HERE.

Why the need for an additional blog, you ask? At Meraki, we’re always looking for better ways to deliver the most relevant and engaging content we can to our followers. We’ve decided there are two distinct formats that will allow us to more effectively organize and distribute content which matters to our community and beyond.

Here’s the breakdown:

The Meraki site blog (the one you’re reading this on!) will continue to focus on product and feature news and updates, as well as more company-specific happenings, keeping you up to speed on all things Meraki.

The new Meraki Medium blog will feature content that makes sense for broader audiences, filtered through our experiences here at Meraki. Topics will include case studies, helpful advice, industry observations, and more; think of it as the right brain to our site blog’s left brain.

Rather than splitting our current posting frequency between the two mediums (sorry for the pun), we will be stepping up our content output, delivering more substance that will help you rock your job and be the most interesting person at your office happy hours.

Happy reading!