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As easy as your smartphone

Gone is the need to train staff on how to use their phone. Meet MC74 from Meraki

They say a picture tells a thousand words. Today we wanted to share a short video put together by Paul, one of the Meraki Product Specialists working on our MC product line. In less than 2 1/2 minutes Paul shows us how easy it is to do the essentials on the MC74.

Hands up everyone who’s experienced sitting through a training session at work or being given a manual to work through, just to use a device as simple as a phone. The truth is, we all know how to work a sophisticated modern phone: we carry one around with us everywhere we go.

Anyone who can work a smartphone will be right at home on this beautiful handset, and as we set out on our webpage, MC74 has a host of user-friendly features to keep communication simple, like it should be.

To try MC74, with public phone network access, head on over to our trial page. There’s no better way to experience Meraki.