Meraki (ma-rah-kee)

(n.) The soul, creativity or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work.

Origin: Greek

Example: Kristy nailed her sales pitch today, she really gave it some Meraki!


Merakify (ma-rah-kee-fahy)

(v. past part. merakified) to add soul, creativity or love to something, improving its performance through innovation, simplicity and flair!

Origin: Meraki, Inc.

Example: Since we merakified our network, IT has been able to spend more time focusing on projects which have made a true impact on the business.


At Meraki, we want to help our customers by freeing up businesses to focus on what’s important to them, instead of worrying about whether their networks are running smoothly. To celebrate this widespread effect, we asked our partners to share on Twitter how their customers were able to #merakify and get additional value from their IT solutions. We got responses from all over the world, and had to share some of our favorites!


“Set a client up on a fo’ free switch. The client loved the software so much they had to #merakify #thewholething” @EricHorn16, Chicago

“Support pushed a new firmware overnight, I checked the results this morning on the Mob App while stuck in traffic #merakify” @mrizzi2, Italy

“#Merakify is when your customer says that he wanted you to introduce him to meraki a year earlier.” @WebHostNow, Netherlands

“Deployed MX, MS, and MR for customer with 80+ locations to manage internal office networks from one desk #merakify” @dragonfire201, Michigan

“Simplified vpn, wifi and monitoring for 7 stores in 5 islands #merakify” @robinsonassc, Dominica  

“Worked w/ prospect on switch refresh who’s afraid of CLI. Needless to say… #Merakify with some MS220’s and 320’s. #EZPZ management now” @InfinitTech, New York


Thank you again for helping us spread the merakify spirit! No one wants to waste time troubleshooting their networks, so let’s help people get back to business. Continue to tweet your successes @meraki using the hashtag #merakify.